02/2006 Recovery + Vuokatti TC with Finnish O-squad


16:58 PM: 66' running + 6' cycling. 10km. Running on small paths with Jomppa.
HR curveS have been finally installed from now on (12.02.2006).
 Running/Cycling 72' (HR)


Polar OwnIndex -value in the morning 72. Resting HR 41.
12:30 PM: 25' running. 5km. On small paths in Haukanniemi, great weather again!
Running feels very good but still minor problems with the thighs.
18:35 PM: 30' circuit + 57' floorball. 7km. Terä-circuit and -floorball.
HR average in floorball 172!
 Morning run 25' (HR)
Floorball 57' (HR)


17:28 PM: 84' running. 13,5km. Terä-hill run in Laajavuori. Last week's knee
injury "woke up" again and it was difficult to run the downhills. I ran only two
rounds on the 3,2km course (goal was to run three times) and best choice would have
been not to run at all. Knee felt pretty bad when running back to home. Shit.
 Hill-training 84' (HR)




Travelling to Vuokatti.
16:55 PM: 56' skiing. Easy skiing with Minna. 13km.


10:17 AM: 70' running. 13km. Hill-training in Vuokatti. 3 x the road to the top.
Running felt quite easy, but had to cancel the last uphill because of the knee.
15:31 PM: 106' skiing. Skiing with Jani and Jonne. 24km.


15:02 PM: 40' skiing. Skiing and ski-o. Stretching after the training.
19:50 PM: 10' running + 45' basketball. 6km.


10:25h, 60,5km. Managed to do an easy week ;-)