01/2006 TC in Ylläs continues


10:26 AM: 70' running. 15km. 38x100-130m/100-150m rest. Felt very good yesterday
but today the stride wasn't as good. It was still difficult to run away from Minna,
she is in a very good condition or I am just so bad. Back felt quite bad after
the training.
17:27 PM: 89' skiing. Easy 19km skiing with Minna. I felt surprisingly well
recovered and easy skiing made the feeling even better.
 Interval-running 70' (HR)
Skiing 89' (HR)


10:33 AM: 250' skiing. Long 51km skiing. Strong feeling, but a bit high HR
at the start.
19:44 PM: 10' running + 60' floorball. 8km. I played floorball in Äkäslompolo's
school hall. Nice to play and I was quite efficient (not just standing on the
floor :-)). After the game we had a little fun event with some "rubber balls".
My legs were quite tired after 5½h training today and I hurt my knee and got
frightened at first. It got better right after but still something is wrong.
 Skiing 250' (HR)
Running + floorball 70' (HR)
Starting the long skiing-trip (PHOTO)
Minna (PHOTO)
Skiers enjoying (PHOTO)
Kesänki (PHOTO)
Having break at Aurinkotupa (PHOTO)


Easy day. My knee feels still a bit strange.
13:22 PM: 32' circuit. Very good circuit! Aahhh.
19:17 PM: 86' skiing. Skiing (19km) with Jarkko. The same route as on monday.
 Skiing 86' (HR)


10:14 AM: 285' skiing. 60km skiing. Very good long training.
 Skiing 285' (HR)
Kesänki in the morning (PHOTO)
Minna and the view (PHOTO)
Reindeers (PHOTO)
Ylläs (PHOTO)
Ahojänkkä 12:30 PM (PHOTO)


9:06 AM: 20' running. 4km.
10:36 AM: 205' skiing. 45km skiing. Nice weather -> see the photos!
18:38 PM: 15' running + 70' floorball. 10km.
 Running 20' (HR)
Skiing 205' (HR)
Lainiotunturi (PHOTO)
Kotamaja (PHOTO)
Hangaskuru (PHOTO)
Keskinenlaki (PHOTO)
Kaamos is over! (PHOTO)
Running/floorball 85' (HR)


7:46 AM: 78' skiing. 17km skiing.
Travelling to Jyväskylä.
 Skiing 78' (HR)


11:55 AM: 90' running. 17,5km. A long run in sunny Jyväskylä. Good feeling but
a bit tired legs.
 Running 90' (HR)


22:41h, 54,5km. (+ 194km skiing). Ylläs 7-day TC totally: 27h 28min, 37km running
and 279km skiing.