52/2005 Moving-week


8:20-16.30 AM/PM: 63' floorball + 40' running. 12,5km. Floorball-tournament
in Raahe, two wins and one lost. Not very good playing for me.
Travelling to Vääksy by night-train.


19:04 PM: 82' x-country skiing in Vääksy. The first time for me on hilly track
on this winter. Good and easy feeling.
 Skiing 82' (HR)


9:39 AM: 47' running. 9km. Morning un in Vääksy. A bit tough feeling, hmm?
17:48 PM: 20' running + 23' sprint-night-o + 5' running. 8,5km. In the warm-up
I already could feel that training is not going to turn into a success story.
Had still small problems with the hamstrings and other muscles were tired aswell.
20:04 PM: 56' floorball. 5km. Tired.
 Morning run 47' (HR)
Sprint-O 23' (HR)


8:00 AM: 60' running/hiking/cycling. 5km.


16:48 PM: 102' rinkball.


17:52 PM: 135' skiing. The first skiing in Ylläs. 30km.
 Skiing 135' (HR)


11:02 AM: 202' skiing. Long skiing. Not as good skiing weather as yesterday.
38km. Not very tired.
19:16 PM: 41' running. 8km. Short spurts + warming-up. Great feeling!
 Skiing 202' (HR)
Running 41' (HR)


14:37h, 48km. 85km skiing.