51/2005 Training at home


19:37 PM: 44' skiing. Easy skiing after travelling from Jyväskylä to Lampinsaari.


10:55 AM: 100' running. 21,5km. 10 x 4min/2 min recovery + 40' warming-up with
Minna. Good training but got bad hurt in my left hamstrings (running surface was
icy road and we ran with spiked shoes). 11,2km in 40.00.
19:42 PM: 46' skiing. With Minna. Well recovered.


10:21 AM: 38' circuit + 20' football. 2km. A training-day with SiSe's
15:35 PM: 53' skiing. Skiing with Matias (one of the juniors).


10:28 AM: 38' running + 60' floorball. 12,5km.
18:00 PM: 100' volleyball. 2km. Running and volleyball (135').


11:07 AM: 35' running. 6km. Short spurts and running technique.
19:08 PM: 15' circuit + 46' skiing. Just work, no heart in it. Well, some nice
response occurred after the training (only because of endorphins...). Tomorrow
a better day? At least it is CHRISTMAS!


10:51 AM: 28' running. 5,5km. Couldn't do a long run (hamstrings)-> more
n...o-sport (=running + some running-technique).


9:39 AM: 30' running. 6km. Morning run.
14:20 PM: 97' running. 21,5km. Long steady-speed training. Feeling was quite okay.
Body is starting to "take in training" :-)


12:29h, 77km.