50/2005 First test-run


12:28 PM: 18' running. 3,5km.
17:24 PM: 30' circuit + 30' cycling.


9:40 AM: 34' running. 6,5km.
18:28 PM: 5' running + 15' orienteering + 20' running. 9km. 8 x o-interval in Kampus.
Total distance 4000m and time was about 16min. Stride was light after massage! 


18:14 PM: 50' running. 9km. Running on small paths with Jukka and Jones.
20:00 PM: 60' floorball. 6km.


11:01 AM: 85' running. 14km. Jomppa's hilly long run. Still had problems with
my tighs. Otherwise I felt fresh feeling in my legs.
16:42 PM: 83' rinkball.
 Running 85' (HR)
Rinkball 83' (HR)


17:55 PM: 42' running/hiking. 6km. With ski-sticks. Goal was to heal legs
for tomorrow's test-run. We'll see how it works.


10:40 AM: 82' running. 18km. Terä's test-run 11km 40.38 (avg 3.42min/km, appalling).
Depressing feeling in the legs. Haven't run any tough trainings on hard surface
yet. After the training I was hardly able to run back home. Problems with my legs
seem to be difficult ones. Now, some rest and real healing for the legs.
 Running 82' (HR)


10:50 AM: 71' x-country skiing. Ahh, good recovery for the legs.
13:58 PM: 94' rinkball.
 Skiing 71' (HR)


12:00h, 72km.