46/2005 Basic training goes on


16:05 PM: 45' cycling. Legs feel so sore, auu...


12:23 PM: 88' running/hiking. 13km. Running and hiking with ski poles.
Raining all the time, still it was nice to do.
19:12 PM: 40' circuit + 60' floorball. 6km. Terä-circuit and -floorball.
 Running/hiking 88' (HR)


17:35 PM: 20' running + 36' orienteering. 9,5km. KurkoCup 6. Maybe the best
night-o-feeling ever ;-). On the 2nd last control I had an idea that the leg
should be ran straight. I made something strange during the leg but still Jani's
idea to run the left alternative on road was far more better. Still, I enjoyed
much to do night-o today and ended up on 4th place after Jani, Tuomas and Timo.
KurkoCup rules!

Other gaffling system KurkoCup 6 Mysionmaki (MAP)


9:55 AM: 157' running. 32km. I had a stupid idea again. My throath felt little
bit sore in the morning but still I was stubborn and made my long run. Feeling
was good for the first two hours but then I started to feel tired. When I finished the
training I was really tired. Now, at 14.00 PM, I have some fever and I'm feeling
quite sick. Didn't listen to the body enough...

The running region


Travelling to Vihanti in the evening.


10:12 AM: 5' running + 25' circuit + 30' floorball/football. 5km. Coaching juniors.
14:10 PM: 40' running + 20' orienteering. 10km. Coaching.


Rest. Still a bit sick.


9:25h, 75,5km.