45/2005 Basic training


14:10 PM: 45' cycling. Bought new bicycle and had to test drive it right away ;-).
What a speed this hybrid can develop!
17:58 PM: 94' running. 18,5km. KortSu-running around Jyväskylä.


10:34 AM: 32' running. 6,2km. Running around Laajavuori, one hill faster.
Good feeling!
17:47 PM: 32' circuit + 23' cycling. Good circuit!
 Running 32' (HR)


My resting HR 38. Minna had 40, and she said it's too high...
10:19 AM: 16' running. 2,5km. Morning run in Kypärämäki with Minna.
Minna did her last fast training before the Nordic X-country championships.
See my training-notepad &  below.
17:47 PM: 15' running + 33' night-o + 5' running. 9,5km. Won the 5th KurkoCup
Nice to run alone in the lead for a while.
Route Gadget.
 Notepad  (MAP & TIMES)
Night-O 33' (HR)
KurkoCup 5 (MAP)


17:36 PM: 106' running. 18km. Long run on small paths with Jones, Tapsa and
Tuomas. Tough course but feeling stronger all the time.
 Running 106' (HR)


15:02 PM: 25' running + 25' orienteering. 6km. Coaching Mikko.


9:30 AM: 120' floorball. 6km. Orienteerers Floorball Championships in Tampere.
8 games, 8 wins. Thank you Maria, Mari, Antti, Kalle and Ville - it was nice to
play with you again.

Tournament-pages. Results.


10:55 AM: 58' running. 9km.


10:28, 79,5km.