43/2005 Smålandskavlen


15:38 PM: 40' running. 8km. Warming-up. Legs were sore.


12:00 AM: 30' running. 5,5km. Warming-up + massage.


Rest. Problem with the anterior thigh (vastus lateralis, proximal attachment?).


12:23 PM: 37' running. 8km. Warming-up. Thigh hurts still, but less when running!
Travelling to Sweden to see Minna and run Smålandskavlen.


12:37 PM: 78' orienteering. 10,5km. Nice o-training with Minna. Probably
the best rocky terrain in the world (Paradiset in Huddinge, southern Stockholm).
My orienteering was very good (typical thing after a little break).
 Orienteering 78' (HR)
Pais in Paradiset (PHOTO 1)
Pais in Paradiset (PHOTO 2)
Minna in Paradiset (PHOTO 3)
In Gamla Stan in the evening (PHOTO 4)


8:06 AM: 28' running. 5,5km. Morning run in Frösunda.
16:53 PM: 31' running. 6km. In Kalmar with Hessu and Jou.
 Running 28' (HR)
Running 31' (HR)


8:28 PM: 25' running + 65' orienteering + 10' running. 19,5km. Terä second in Småland!
Congratulations Kalevan Rasti! Maps and photos (thanks Karponen!) below.
 Orienteering 65' (HR)
Svartbäcksmåla (MAP 1)
Svartbäcksmåla (MAP 2)
Svartbäcksmåla (MAP 3)
Svartbäcksmåla (MAP 4)
Map stories (MAPSTORY)
Jammu was on fire! (PHOTO)
Man@ger points out the right attitude (PHOTO)
Fastest man of all - Jou (PHOTO)
Terä 2nd in Smålandskavlen 2005


5:44h, 63km.