42/2005 Started as a club-coach in Sinkki-Sepot


10:43 AM: 24' running. 4,5km. Basic morning run in Haukanniemi.


10:43 AM: 22' running. 4,5km.
19:29 PM: 19' running + 13' running-tech + 45' floorball + 24' running. 14km. Really tired.

 Training 103' (HR)


10:45 AM: 20' running. 4km. Morning run.
18:46 PM: 13' running + 55' orienteering + 2' running. 12km. KurkoCup. Now I
finally realize that my good performances in night-o are pure luck ;-). Mrrr,
next time...
 Running 20' (HR)
Orienteering 55' (HR)
KurkoCup Kotanen (MAP)


19:26 PM: 55' night-o. 8km. Putting controls in to the forest in Alpuanharju.
 Night-O 55' (HR)


11:32 AM: 131' cycling/running. 7km. Setting courses also today.
SiSe's training-camp started.
19:23 PM: 40' night-o. 5km. Coaching.
 Cycling/running 131' (HR)
Night-O 40' (HR)


8:30 AM: 24' cycling + 23' running. 4km. Putting controls into the forest
again + coaching morning run/running technique to the young athletes.
Coaching (lecture + practical coaching).
13:42 PM: 36' running + 33' orienteering. 13km. Memory-(O)running in Alpuanharju
SiSe championships. Quite tired after quite a lot endurance training. But still
ran under 5min/km on 50% marsh-terrain/50% moraine-terrain.
End of the training-camp.
Travelled to Joensuu to see my sister Mervi, Jyri and their lovely daughter Maiju :-)
 Orienteering 33' (HR)


12:07 PM: 139' running. 28,5km. Long run from Kontiolahti to Joensuu. I didn't
have map so navigation turned to a big mess. Fress feeling in body though. But
legs will hurt tomorrow, that's for sure.
 Running 139' (HR)


12:00h, 104km.