26/2005 More treatment


Recruiting more doctorpower. Teemu Karjalainen (Finnish O-team's doctor)
suggested I should travel to Oulu and visit a surgeon named Juha Pesälä and
discuss with him.

 3 x Kopsuo-hill (HR)


Travelling to Oulu. Pesälä and I decided that we should try spinal injection
into the nerve root. So it was done in ODL and pain was away (mostly because of
the anaesthesia agent (=puudutus) involved). Travelling to Vihanti with mom and


In Vihanti.
 Cycling 56' (HR)


In the morning I coached Minna in Tuulasperä. Even some running.
Seuturasti-relay in Pulkkila in the evening.
30.6.2005: The fault in the structure of the vertebra is inborn. I talked with
Tapani Sipilä today. He has massaged me for a decade and said that "it
(structural alteration) has been there as long as I have massaged you". In a
way it was a relief to hear that.
 Tuulasperä-terrain near Oulainen (PHOTO)
Minna in Tuulasperä (PHOTO)
SiSe team-meeting (PHOTO)
Minna (PHOTO)


In Vihanti.


Coaching in Kalevan rastiviesti. The 1st relay win for
Vaajakosken Terä in almost nineteen years! Exact amount of days was 6901 and as
our man@ger put it: "only a day late". By the way, it was the best competition
centre ever to follow the race.


Following the 1st day of Kainuun Rastiviikko 2005. I have got some pointers from
people. Until now I have got 25 different proposals for treatment place (manual
therapy only...). I didn't count how many times I have explained the facts of
the injury to separate people, but I think it's now counted in hundreds. I
couldn't take it anymore and decided to keep a lower profile for a while.


5:54h, 10km.