23/2005 Training in Anttolanhovi


8:29 AM: 14' running. 2,5km.
11:34 AM: 10' rowing + 138' orienteering. 16,5km. Long-O in Piilokorpi.
19:16 PM: 25' cycling + 20' water-volleyball.


15:42 PM: 10' cycling + 28' strength + 25' circuit + 17' water-running.
Easy training. It was wise to rest the morning because I felt very good in the


7:53 AM: 16' running. 3km.
Getting sick.




12:29 PM: 26' running. 5km. Running with Afa and Jonne.
20:02 PM: 40' running. 5km. Easy orienteering with Jarkko.


13:35 PM: 25' running + 43' orienteering + 5' running. 13km. Huippuliiga's
2nd competition in Solvalla. Feeling wasn't very good before the competition and
I decided to make a solid performance, without any risks. Once I tried to run
fast for 10s and after that I saw it was better to run steady steate.
Should I analyse something after so long silent period? Couple of remarkable
things in my mind after race:
1) I had an idea to run a solid basic run with
quite easy speed and see "how long it takes me"? I saw that if I'm not ready,
boys will eat me. And after many safe performances and wins in my o-history,
today's 8th place announced that Finnish middle distance level is high.
(because I believe orienteering counts, not running, mainly)

2)But there is always a but(t). When you haven't competed for a long time your
performance control isn't at the same level as it used to be. So, I had to
found out that I didn't so well after all. I just thought I did.

3)Will I or will I not get big this year?


Rest. Big back problems. Heikki Nousiainen, I just love you man! (see the CISM-
results). Finally he takes what he deserves to take.


7:21h, 45km.