18/2005 More rehabilitation


15:51 PM: 30' exercise cycling + 30' circuit. Visited physiotherapist today
and we decided to try different kind of program (not just eccentric power but
more physical trainings). I think I'm going to be out of the game for 3 weeks
still. This really tests my patience.


10:40 AM: 120' cycling/hiking. Putting out some controls in Sarvivuori.
15:55 PM: 9' cycling + 40' strength + 13' cycling. 1st heavier special-
training for legs. Hit the spot, but there are some 10-15 these to go.
Work, work, work.
 Cycling/Hiking 120' (HR)
Boulder in Sarvivuori... (PHOTO)


16:13 PM: 89' roller-skating. Nice!
 Roller-skating 89' (HR)


Training-camp in Pohjanmaa starts in Keskipohjanmaa-viesti! After the relay I
realize that I have only one athlete (Jonneboy) to coach!
19:53 PM: 26' roller-skating.


10:40 AM: 91' cycling. Coaching Jonne.
17:47 PM: 36' roller-skating. 4 x 1000m (30m uphill) (2.53, 2.49, 2.44 and 2.34) +
warming-ups. MaxHR 196 in the end is quite good on skates. 
 Cycling 91' (HR)
Roller-skating 36' (HR)
Jonne in Vihanti (PHOTO)


13:37 PM: 48' orienteering. Hiking-O in Lumikuru. It's interesting to make
low-speed orienteering sometimes because then you can see "everything".
 Lumikuru (PHOTO)
Upi in Lumikuru (PHOTO)
Nice terrain! (PHOTO)
Yes, it really is! (PHOTO)


17:19 PM: 30' exercise cycling + 18' circuit/strength + 42' cycling. Good,
longer training.
 Cycling/Circuit/Cycling 90' (HR)
Jonne and Upi (PHOTO)
Jonneboy (PHOTO)


10:22h, 7km.