16/2005 Towards Tiomila


10:08 AM: 85' running/hiking. 10km. Very easy and injury didn't bother.
14:46 PM: 16' cycling. As a test person in school.
 Running/Hiking 85' (HR)
Cycling 16' (HR)


8:40 AM: 30' max-power for upper body. As a test person in school.
10:08 AM: 70' running. 10km. One faster section (95s/500m on small path).
+ Good streching during the team-meeting.

 Running 70' (HR)


8:36 AM: 15' running. 3km.
21:36 PM: 12' running + 28' night-o + 10' running. 9km. 96,9% orienteering.
Equals to 10s mistake? Or does it?
 Night-O 28' (HR)
Oravasaari (MAP)


13:20 PM: 15' cycling + 47' running. 10km.


9:00 AM: 20' running. 4km. + massage.
18:08 PM: 35' running. 5km. Running in forest. 4x135m and 3x225m spurts
in Kotalamminmäki (basic Jyväskylä-terrain). Last 225m I ran in 40s (2.59min/km).


Charging for the Tiomila!


2:20 AM: 25' running + 59' night-o + 15' running. 20km. Tiomila-relay and 8th
leg. Tiomila was the final point of my Night-O -project and I did a satisfying
performance. After performing quite badly at night-time during the spring my
self-confidence wasn't at top level and I had to choose a secure tactic (stop
when uncertain etc.). Performance was at the level I CAN do and that's why I'm
satisfied although I made some mistakes. But some day I'll be better... 
Map and course in RunOWay!
 Night-O 59' (HR)


8:13h, 71km.