12/2005 Terä-TC


18:10 PM: 120' rinkball.




19:35 PM: 35' running. 7km. Running in Turku before sailing to Sweden.
Easy running!


11:01 AM: 53' orienteering. 7km.
16:00 PM: 30' football. 3km.
18:53 PM: 16' running + 31' night-o. 7,5km. First night-o session and
without mistakes!


11:20 AM: 24' running + 76' orienteering. 17,5km. First scandinavian race
of the season for me. There was 5-30cm snow, so it wasn't easy to me. Muscles
were empty after one hour of running and last 3km were very slow. Some big mistakes
(3min totally) also. But coaches' minimum goal, three Terä-runners at the podium,
was reality.
18:20 PM: 40' football. 3km.


10:22 AM: 52' orienteering. 7km. Two times memory-O. I planned the 1st
course (~3km) for about 8-10min, draw the essential things on paper and ran the
course. Didn't use the paper at all. 2nd course we draw outside after finishing
the 1st one. I use 6min planning it and then ran it, again without any help.
In the 2nd one I made one 90" mistake and that was the only one during both
19:05 PM: 10' running + 39' night-o + 11' running. 10,5km. Tired feeling
before the training, but could still run quite fast. Jani and I finished only
about 40s before the others (all the other Terä-runners came together!).


11:05 AM: 15' running + 29' orienteering + 10' running. 10km. Tough relay
training. 1st 2km very good feeling, last 3km I was quite tired.
20:05 PM: 6' running + 43' night-o. 6,5km. One VERY BIG mistake...3min and
400m extra.


10:40h, 78km.