10/2005 Rest and test


10:12 AM: 39' running. 7km. On small paths, nice, but still problems with
rear thigh muscles.
18:25 PM: 95' rinkball + 16' cycling. Couldn't resist the temptation.


13:25 PM: 30' running + 10' circuit. 6km. High heart rate!
18:50 AM: 60' rinkball. Practising rinkball with Minna, easy.


14:30 PM: 37' running. 6,5km. Running on small paths with Tero. Strong
and easy feeling.


12:30 PM: 47' running. 10km. Treadmill-test. 70,4 ml/kg/min (18km/h / 2).
I'm not recovered yet.
16:48 PM: 50' floorball. 6km. Very easily but still high HR. So there's
something wrong in my body. Though my own feeling is very good and light.
 Running 47' (HR)
Floorball 50' (HR)


12:48 PM: 24' running. 4km. Running on small paths.


9:20 AM: 10' cycling + 63' running. 16km. Terä test-run 11km. Very good
feeling on the first lap, easy and fast running. During the last downhill of the
first lap, I again caught stomach cramps which wouldn't ease up. So, I couldn't
fight against the stupid pain and decided to run slower the 2nd lap and legs were
light - so not that bad training after all? Lost about one minute to Jani.
 Running 38' (HR)



7:52h, 55,5km.