02/2005 Testing and resting


12:52 PM: 37' running. 7,5km. Feeling little bit strange (=travelling
from SUN 7.30 PM to MON 9.10 AM.) Overall feeling, almost fully recovered.

18:30 PM: 82' rinkball + 25' cycling. Crazy games. Snowing all the time,
5-20cm snow on the ice :). Very tired, so the feeling - ALMOST fully recovered -
was well stated.

 Running 37' (HR)
Rinkball, game 70' (HR)


17:31 PM: 30' circuit + 20' running. 4km. Feeling better.

 Running 20' (HR)


9:40 AM: 10' cycling + 73' running. 14km. Feeling worse. High HR and slow speed,
that's not encouraging combination. Shit.

 Running 73' (HR)


10:11 AM: 31' running. 7km. Measuring aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.
Felt a bit better than on the previous days but not good still.
 Running 31' (HR)


15:30 PM: 105' rinkball.


8:42 AM: 59' running. 15,5km. Test run. I planned to run the first round
easily (first floorball-game only two hours after this test run). Running was
very easy and I decided to run 2nd lap faster (as planned). After speeding up
my stomach started to protest and I had to run a bit slower to the finish. Lost
over 2' to Jani who had a very nice run again!

11:50 AM: 100' floorball. 10km. We lost both games. Did 3+3.
 Running 39' (HR)


18:00 PM: 10' running. 2km. Running to home.


9:42h, 60km.