01/2005 Ylläs


8:17 AM: 20' running. 4km.

10:48 AM: 228' skiing. Skiing 45km. Short comments on HR-file. If you haven't trained yet,
remember to honour finnish superstar's (Elmo) day! Elmo didn't worry about training
but I think we should if we want to beat Elmo's unbelievable records.

19:09 PM: 31' running. 6km.

 Skiing 228' (HR)
Running 31' (HR)


10:20 AM: 105' skiing. Skiing 22km. Very easy.

17:39 PM: 64' running. 13,5km. Easy intervals (20x20s, 3.20min/km-2.40min/km)
with Minna. Feeling good.

 Skiing 105' (HR)
Hangaskuru (PHOTO)
Between Lainio and Kesänki (PHOTO)
Having break (PHOTO)
Kuukkeli (PHOTO)
Damn nice sport ! (PHOTO)
Running 64' (HR)


8:06 AM: 18' running. 3,5km.

10:39 AM: 11' running + 91' skiing + 16' running. 5,5km. Skiing 20km.
Stomach problems! -> no training in the evening.

 Skiing/running 118' (HR)
Jumiukkoko (PHOTO)
PaisFinishing (PHOTO)


8:49 AM: 20' running. 4km.

10:48 AM: 151' running. 31km. Running Saaripudas (exactly one hill on E78)
- Äkäslompolo. Hard running. I am learning that it's difficult to combine
much running and skiing. Meaning that you can't avoid the fatigue by simply
changing the sport you are performing. At least I should do more stretching
(more than 30min per day which is my minimum on training-camps.)

19:32 PM: 37' skiing. Skiing 8km. Recovered feeling - how odd? Sometimes it's
just better to do a short training than just lie on bed.

 Running 151' (HR)
Skiing 37' (HR)


11:15 AM: 138' skiing. Skiing 30km.

18:31 PM: 34' running. 7km. Strong wind and snowing. Still enjoyable.

 Skiing 138' (HR)
Madman on track (PHOTO)
FixingMinnasSticks (PHOTO)
Running 34' (HR)


10:11 AM: 275' skiing. Skiing 60km. The man and the woman just didn't get
tired :-).
 Skiing 275' (HR)
Skiing route (MAP)
Yllas in sight for the first time (PHOTO)
Scenically overwhelming (PHOTO)
Easy to enjoy (PHOTO)
I agree (PHOTO)
Stretching behind Keskinenlaki (PHOTO)
And one more time - Hangaskuru (PHOTO)


11:37 AM: 39' running. 8km. Up and down! Strong and easy feeling.
15:12 PM: 50' skiing. Skiing 12km. Ended the training-camp with an easy
 Running 39' (HR)
Skiing 50' (HR)


22:09h, 82,5km. (197km skiing.)