46/2004 WOC -training-camp, Japan


10:06 AM: 115' orienteering/running. 13km. On yesterday's map.
16:32 PM: 37' running + 12' running-circuit. 7,5km.
 Orienteering 115' (HR)


9:15 AM: 59' orienteering + 5' running. 8km. Steep and quite bushy terrain.
15:10 PM: 70' orienteering + 62' running. 20,5km. Orienteering in nice terrain
with Jani. Running back to the accommodation (asphalt).
 Orienteering 59' (HR)
Hanazawa (MAP)
Orienteering 70' (HR)
Kurosaka (MAP)
Running 62' (HR)


10:03 AM: 100' running. 20km. On asphalt road with Jani and Petteri. Pretty
humorous altitude curve.
 Running 100' (HR)


9:14 AM: 72' orienteering + 10' running. 8,5km. Very steep terrain. For example,
from 9th to the 10th control my speed was 22.53min/km.
In the afternoon I felt sick and didn't take part in the sprint race. Got the cold
maybe because it was so damn cold in our accommodation during 10.-12.11.
 Orienteering 72' (HR)
Tabara (MAP)


9:13 AM: 25' running + 38' orienteering + 12' running. 12km. Middle distance
training-competition in the same terrain as the competition was held on sunday.
Missed about 90s but lost over 3min to the winner, J.Rostrup. In this training I
learned that you really have to push it when running on the slopes. Also downhill
running plays quite an important role.
14:38 PM: 70' running. 14km. Diet running. 
 Middle distance 38' (HR)
Tashiro (MAP)
Running 70' (HR)


9:37 AM: 25' running + 35' circuit + 9' running. 7km.
14:27 PM: 85' orienteering + 11' running. 10km. Pair-O with Koji Kashimada.
Check the basic training-idea on the map.
 Running/circuit 69' (HR)
Orienteering/running 96' (HR)
Kurosaka (MAP)


10:20 AM: 20' running + 39' orienteering + 12' running. 12,5km. Mixed relay
In Kameyama castle's map. David Schneider started our relay, I was on the 2nd leg
and Matthias Niggli was the anchor-man. We were 5th. My performance was maybe the
most encouraging during the camp because running felt easy. Lost 1.20min to the
best time and missed about 2min.
16:31 PM: 25' running. 4km. Warming-up & shooting short o-video.
 Relay-O 39' (HR)
Kameyama castle (MAP)


15:51h, 137km. Total climbing in Japan: 5625m.