45/2004 To Japan


10:30 AM: 41' cycling + 27' running. 5km. Running in
17:50 PM: 60' running. 12km.
 Cycling/running 68' (HR)
Running 60' (HR)


10:50 AM: 45' running. 7km. Intervals (~10-60s). Shooting o-video with Tomba.


11:35 AM: 90' running. 16km. Hill run with Antti. Same as with Tero some
weeks ago.
19:12 PM: 21' running. 4km. Running with Minna in Vääksy.
 Running 90' (HR)


Flight to Japan via Frankfurt. A hard day.


Too tired to exercise anything. Even harder day?


8:30 AM: 17' running. 3,5km. Morning run in Nagoya.
13:25 PM: 25' running + 14' orienteering + 40' running. 16km. PWT -race in Nagoya
in which I ended up on 5th place. Despite the fat surrounding my stomach
I could reach the podium, mainly because my performance was almost
mistakeless. But it did feel bad to run 100% speed in that condition (which
wasn't even bad condition, generally speaking).
-Map with the winner's route choices-
-Split times-

 PWT-O 14' (HR)
Odaka Green Park (MAP)
Pasi in PWT (VIDEO 1)
Pasi in PWT (VIDEO 2)


9:59 AM: 15' running + 102' orienteering + 5' running. 16,5km. WRE in
Aichi prefecture. I took this competition clearly as a training and ran
only on 85-90% of maximum speed. There was over 800m climbing on the course
so it was a vice decision not to run too fast because the following days
during the camp are more important. First impression was that o in here is
quite easy because there aren't not that much details on the map and speed
is low. But concentrating on orienteering isn't always easy because of the
empty moments when you have nothing to do.
 Orienteering 103' (HR)
Shimoyama (MAP)


8:22h, 80km.