39/2004 FC -short and relay




Studying and:
15:20 PM: 15' running + 60' football + 15' cycling. 8km.


19:16 PM: 29' running + 58' floorball. 11,5km. Tough to play (last game
some months ago, but good training though).
 Running 29' (HR)


11:20 AM: 70' running/hiking. 10km. Sore legs.
17:22 PM: 10' running + 45' football (training) + 5' running. 8km.


17:23 PM: 75' orienteering. 9km. Easy speed. Trying to ease the pain in
muscles. Worked fine, I think.
 Easy orienteering 75' (HR)


10:00 AM: 20' running + 25' orienteering + 15' running. 11km. The qual.
went well and I finished in 1st place. Some minor mistakes.

15:32 PM: 20' running + 26' orienteering + 5' running. 9km. Finnish Champion
in short distance for the third time! I had planned to do a perfect orienteering
performance, even if it might drop my speed down little bit. Plan worked very
well and I was aware that I was doing well and was leading the race. I managed
to talk with myself rationally to the 10th control. It was a public control where
I could hear the speakerman's voice: "he has a lead of 29 seconds" and "last time
Pasi was in a situation like this (btw in 2002), he really did mess it all up"
(or something).

Excitement level raised to the red area and I started to orienteer as safely as possible. According to the books, changing your way of thinking is not the right thing to do. I slightly begun to take my orienteering more carefully and it made the situation even more stressful. I made small mistakes (or lost some time) on every control after that all the way to the finish. I wasn't really good managing my thoughts but this time I was good enough and won the C-ship! (Very nice that Jonne and I took the two first places again. After 2001 there hasn't been a Finnish Champion in short distance than youngster studying in Jyväskylä and born in 79'/80'. And for some people's misery, they love football and other ball games ;)) -MAP & ROUTE- Qualification 25' (HR)
Orienteering 26' (HR)


11:50 AM: 40' running + 52' orienteering. 15,5km. Twisted my ankle after 1km's
running. Managed to run through the race (because it was a relay) and we ended
up on 7th place, less than two minutes after winner. My orienteering was almost
mistakeless - maybe the slow running speed helped me to focus on orinteering


 Relay 52' (HR)


9:44h, 82km.