38/2004 WOC 2004


10:00 AM: 20' orienteering + 4' running + 27' orienteering + 15' running. 11,5km.
Basic performance in the middle distance qualification. Maybe about 90' mistakes
and 95% speed threw me on 3rd place which is a good result after so much
unsureness. In the final I have to be tougher. And better.
-Split times-. 
16:16 PM: 32' running. 6,5km. With Petteri and Pipo. After running sauna
+ volleyball in water for half an hour. Good feeling!
 The middle qualification 27' (HR+SPLITS)
Middle Qualification (MAP 1)
Middle Qualification (MAP 2)
Pais on his way to the finish (PHOTO)
Running 32' (HR)


8:25 AM: 19' running. 3,5km. Little bit tired (bad sleep, despite I slept 9h).
10:59 AM: 43' running. 8km. Easy running with Minna. Very good feeling afterwards.
 Easy running 43' (HR)


11:32 AM: 34' running. 7km. Very good running feeling.
 Running 34' (HR)


7:21 AM: 10' running. 2km.
10:42 AM: 20' running + 109' orienteering. 22km. 7th place in WOC-long. Story
on the front page (in english tomorrow).
17:00 PM: 17' running. 3,5km. Tired as you can imagine. After running I
went to a sauna and we had the daily water-volleyball match.
 WOC long 109' (HR)


8:13 AM: 11' running. 2km. Very tired. Massage after running.


10:42 AM: 30' running + 36' orienteering. 12km. 9th place in WOC-long. Not
a good performance.
 WOC middle 36' (HR)


 Well done girls! (PHOTO)


7:15h, 78,5km.