37/2004 Truly taking it easy before WOC


9:44 AM: 23' running + 15' running + 11' cycling. 8,5km. Keskisuomalainen's
photographer took some photos for Tommi Roimela's story.
 Running/Cycling 49' (HR)


9:06 AM: 45' running. 10km. Some spurts (5 x 15s).
15:00 PM:  35' running. 7km. Quite easy running.


11:00 AM: 15' running. 3km..


9:29 AM: 14' cycling + 10' running. 2km.
By train Jyväskylä- Turku and then a boat trip Turku-Kapelskär.
 Cycling/Running 24' (HR)


15:30 PM: 15' running + 30' orienteering + 5' running. 9km.. Model event in Paradiset!
Most of the terrain was very dry and runnable, even the marshes. I had fresh and
easy feeling and did a little bit tougher training (2,945km 16.40) + some easier
orienteering after that. Fun!
 Middle model event 17' (HR)
Middle model event (MAP)


7:21 AM: 20' running. 4km..
9:45 AM: 12' running + 23' orienteering + 7' running. 7,5km. Long distance's
model event in Brudslöjan. No mistakes.
16:30 PM:  20' running. 4km. Easy running + "organized" stretching with Minna.
 Long model event 23' (HR)
Long model event (MAP)


9:11 AM: 26' running + 63' orienteering + 12' running. 18,5km. Long distance
qualification was held in Ängelsberg in a quite basic terrain. It was easy but
still you had to make the 100% o-work all the time. I almost managed to do it
for whole qualification but made a one minute mistake in a diffuse area
surrounding the second last control. So a win changed into 3rd place. It doesn't
bother me, because now I'm sure that what counts in the final is fluent
orienteering through the 17km race. That's my goal as well.

Physically it wasn't the best day but good enough. I had the biggest problems when I ran on stony areas covered with slippery moss (maybe it isn't my speciality anymore after so little amount of kilometres in "shit-terrains" lately.) But as Cage says in the movie Face/Off: "We're going to deal with it..." -Qualification's splits- Long Qualification 63' (HR incl. SPLITS)
Long Qualification (MAP 1)
Long Qualification (MAP 2)
Long Qualification (MAP 3)
Long Qualification (MAP 4)


6:42h, 73,5km.