36/2004 WOC preparation, week II


10:27 AM: 15' running. 3km. Quite easy!
14:00 PM: Massage.


9:49 AM: 51' running + 11' cycling. 10km. Slow but recovered feeling.
17:59 PM: 102' running. 21km. Keltinmäki-Ruoke-Takakeljo-Keltinmäki. Easy
long run. Good feeling.
 Running/Cycling 62' (HR)
Running 102' (HR)


11:45 AM: 8' cycling + 38' running. 8km. A bit tired but okay.
 Cycling/Running 46' (HR)


9:25 AM: 15' running. 2,5km. Check out how the curves go hand in hand.
16:21 PM: 20' running (inc. 5 x 15s spurts)  +  51' football/running + 5' running.
 Running 15' (HR)


10:54 AM: 12' running. 2,5km.
13:51 PM: 100' running. 18km. Couple of weeks ago I had an idea that I should
run the old good maximum endurance -tests in Hankasalmi. The test-pattern is
used by the Hankasalmi Orienteering high school which I also "went" through during
1996-99. Test contains three sections:

1. 2000m road (in fact only ~1950m), 12m climbing, asphalt.

2. 1730m terrain-running, 65m climbing, mixed surface (small paths, forest, even marsh)

3. 1000m uphill running, 59m climbing, asphalt.

I was accompanied with the most challenging co-runner possible: Jani Lakanen! Jani had no previous experiences running these tests. Eikka was helping out us with the clothing and nutrition. We took the training quite seriously as it always should be taken when running at maximum speed. That means long warm-up before the training and good preparation during the week. Results & feelings:

1. Jani 5.33, Pasi 5.37. Good feeling during the 1st KM but as Jani started to push harder I couldn't follow him to the end. But for me it was quite good running. Old PB (1997) was 5.50. 2. Pasi 7.05, Jani 7.10?. 2nd part is quite demanding because there's 50m hill straight after start (see the map). The uphill went superb but following the route didn't work 100% because I haven't run the course since 1998.So maybe we lost couple of seconds due to that. Jani lost some seconds in the tricky downhill section at the end. I think there aren't big differences in maximum running speed in forest between top orienteers. So well did we both run this one ;). Old PB (1998) 6.48, but I think I have executed some short-cut back then or something...The course is in worse condition than six years ago and that has an effect also. 3. Jani 3.19, Pasi 3.19(,2). The last part of the test is short but hurts like hell. We ran almost the whole 1000m "chest beside chest". It didn't felt as bad as I thought and maybe we took it too easily just before the steepest part of the hill. Alltogether, it was a fine training and I'm happy that two Finnish top runners know that they are in top shape. Three times MAX 70' (HR)
Cross-country 1740m (MAP)


7:33 AM: 15' running. 3km.
10:18 AM: 15' running + 53' orienteering + 18' running. 12,5km. Orienteering
in Kalajanvuori. Not good feeling.
 Orienteering 28' + 16' (HR)


19:06 PM: 10' cycling + 83' football + 14' cycling. 8km.


10:37h, 98,5km.