34/2004 Easy + Suurajot in the weekend


16:42 PM: 5' running + 119' football + 6' running. 14km.
 Football 119' (HR)


9:10 AM: 21' running. 4km. Very exhausted muscles but warming up helped.
15:17 AM: 20' orienteering. 3,5km. Sprint-O in Kisakallio. Hard rain during
the short training. I had a doping test straight after training and I made a new
PB time: 8min!
 Running 21' (HR)
Orienteering 20' (HR)
Sprint in Kisakallio (MAP)


9:23 AM: 15' rowing + 10' running + 33' orienteering + 5' running + 15' rowing. 8km.
We rowed to the other side of the lake for o-session in a nice and hilly terrain.
It was the same terrain as in Prismarastit earlier this year. I ran every second
leg fast and it wasn't easy training. I am not yet fully recovered from weekend
(how can I if I play football for two hours..?) and it was difficult to run
uphills. The longest interval's runnability was superb and it maybe served best
the training's purpose though it was a long one. The last short downhill was
really fast.
 Orienteering 33' (HR)
Äijäsmäki (MAP)


19:00 PM: 60' volleyball.


16:10 PM: 40' running. 8km.


9:00 AM: 115' orienteering + 60' running (32km) in Suunnistuksen Suurajot 2004 .
Check the analyze on the front page. HR curves below (maps on the front page).
 Special-stage 1 (HR)
Special-stage 3 (HR)
Special-stage 4 (HR)
Special-stage 5 (HR)
Special-stage 7 (HR)
Special-stage 9 (HR)
Special-stage 10 (HR)
Special-stage 11 (HR)
Special-stage 12 (HR)




8:48h, 69km.