33/2004 WOC-selection races




10:09 AM: 20' running. 4km.


9:37 AM: 28' running + 12' cycling. 5km.
20:32 PM: 22' running. 4,5km.
Check the new HR-curves, including speed!
 Running 28' (HR)
Running 22' (HR)


8:17 AM: 12' running. 5km.
14:52 PM: 29' running + 36' orienteering + 6' running. 12,5km. I won the
middle distance qual. for the WOC! Could have done approx. 70s better but did no
big mistakes (biggest was about 25s to the second last control). Now it's nice
to run the rest of the selection races! Minna won also.
The map & route.
 Orienteering 36' (HR)


9:26 AM: 14' running. 2,7km. Compare the map and speed curves - Polar 625x
does work in cross-country also. But I can't use it in competitions because it's
not allowed to use technical devices during the competition. But I surely will use
it in my own o-trainings.
12:44 PM: 29' orienteering + 5' running. 5km. With Jomppa.
 Running 14' (HR)
Running (MAP)


8:11 AM: 15' running. 3km.
11:23 AM: 25' running + 11' orienteering + 5' running. 8,5km. 2nd in the
qualification/Huippuliiga's final. No mistakes, the end of the course easily.
Sprint Qualification's map & route.
14:52 PM: 25' running + 13' orienteering + 5' running. 8km. 3rd in the
final, almost perfect. Now when I needed to run little bit faster I couldn't do
it. My training has aimed for the good results in classic distance, therefore
these kind of sprint results are very encouraging. Tomorrow is going to be a
tough day: 16,8km, 23 controls and 710m climbing.
Sprint Final's map & route.
 Sprint Qual (HR)
Sprint Final (HR)
Sprint Qual (MAP)
Sprint Final (MAP 1)
Minna finishing (PHOTO)
The three best in the women's Huippuliiga (PHOTO)


8:14 AM: 10' running. 2km.
11:40 AM: 20' running + 101' orienteering + 15' running. 23km. 3rd in the
long distance qualification. Some mistakes in the end but it was really nice to
last to the end! I took it almost too easily during the last five kilometres.
Long's map & route.
 Orienteering 101' (HR)


7:40h, 81km.