32/2004 Ylläs


10:23 AM: 14' running. 2,5km. 
12:34 PM: 135' running/hiking. 20km.  A nice long training with Marko and
Minna. 30' uphill-walking, the rest by running. Very nice weather and views - see
the photos.
Mapmaking 90'. Very detailed rocky terrain.
 Running 135' (HR)
Today's goal (PHOTO)
A Piece of perfect o-terrain (PHOTO)
Enjoyers on their way to the top (PHOTO)
Make your choice (PHOTO)
You may find Levi in this (PHOTO)
Reindears (PHOTO)
Mapping project (PHOTO 1)
Mapping project (PHOTO 2)


10:40 AM: 90' hiking + 14' running. 6,5km. Hiking = 4½h mapmaking.
18:05 PM: 7' running + 48' football. 6,5km. Some easy spurts.


8:07 AM: 12' running. 2,5km.
10:58 AM: 18' warm-up + 42' intervals + 10' running. 15km. I was little bit tired
but running felt good enough. I could fight against the bad feeling during the
two last intervals though it hurt like hell.  More trainings like this!
16:00 PM: 40' hiking. 3km. Hiking = 2h mapmaking.
 Intervals 42' (HR)
Planning the training (PHOTO)
The course (MAP)


8:42 AM: 28' running. 6km.  Low HR & easy running but tired feeling.
11:04 AM: 147' running/hiking. 16km.  Easy hiking exercise in Pallas.
18:00 PM: 25' running. 3km.  In forest.
20:35 PM: 15' running + 35' football. 7km.
 Running 28' (HR)
Hiking/Running 147' (HR)
Training for the weekend... (PHOTO)
Another fine view (PHOTO)
Loukukero (PHOTO)
Minna climbing to the top of Loukukero (PHOTO)
Another couple training (PHOTO)


Rest. Mapmaking 1½h and organizing TunturiSprint.
 The fastest (PHOTO)
Jukka O in the finish (PHOTO)
KukasKalliot (MAP&COURSE)


9:36 AM: 15' running. 3km. Resting HR 37 in the morning.
13:20 PM: 30' running + 95' orienteering. 21,5km.
 Orienteering 95' (HR)
Fell-O (MAP)


7:14 AM: 10' running. 2km.
9:30 AM: 27' running + 88' orienteering. 21,5km. Today Minna was clearly
in better shape. I did two tougher sections to Pyhätunturi and Kukastunturi. The
terrain was nice and easy to run.
 Orienteering 88' (HR)
Fell-O (MAP)


15:47h, 137km.