30/2004 1st place in Huippuliiga


12:00 AM: 30' cycling.


16:00 PM: 45' running. 9km. Easier already.


8:17 AM: 13' running. 2,5km. Morning run in Keltinmäki.
16:00 PM: 30' running + 14' orienteering. 8km. Huippuliiga's (Finnish top league)
3rd stage in Keinukallio, Kerava. My expectations weren't at high level but
somehow (big mistakes for everybody) I managed to win (by one second)!Could
have done 45s faster and physically it wasn't a good day, even though I
assumed it was. See my & others' routes here!

 Orienteering 14' (HR)


11:14 AM: 22' running + 57' orienteering. 12km. No fuel to do o-thinking -> DNF.
The terrain was great.
Now it's time to do some training and maybe just slow running training.
19:00 PM: 60' football. 4km. 75' total.
 Orienteering 57' (HR)


13:04 PM: 109' running. 20km. Long easy run in Asikkala. HR was really low
in the beginning but as the sun started to shine and legs to get tired the HR
finally climbed up to the normal level (125-140).
 Long run 109' (HR)
Urajärvi-terrain (PHOTO)


9:15 AM: 21' running. 4,5km. Morning run in Vääksy. A quite hilly jogging
course (95m climbing in 4,6km) starts right from Minna's backyard.
12:12 PM: 83' running + 6' warming-up. 21km. Long TOUGH run in Asikkala
(boring training methods nowadays ;)). Finally it turned to be my control training.
See the HR-file.
20:08 PM: 80' football. 5km. 100' total.
 Running 21' (HR)
Running 89' (HR)


12:51 PM: 50' football. 4km. 60' total.
 Football 50' (HR)


10:20h, 90km.