29/2004 EOC-finals


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16:07 PM: 20' orienteering + 9' running + 23' football. 7km.


7:18 AM: 10' running. 2km.
10:23 AM: 35' running + 32' orienteering. 13km. European Championships in
middle distance should have been perfect race for me..it was "only" a fine race
with a good 6th place to bring back home. I was a bit nervous in the start as usual
but the very beginning was easy for me. Maybe I sensed it and I made too safe route
choice to the 2nd control and lost 15s. Bigger difficulties I had with the 3rd
control but it didn't turned into a bigger mess, luckily. After some mistakes on
8th and 9th control I was only on 10th position. From 9th control my orienteering
was very good and I managed to climb up on 6th place, which is satisfying.

Is there something better to come in these champs, we'll see!!?
14:38 PM: 60' football. 6km. With Jonneboy.
 Middle distance final 32' (HR)
Middle distance final (MAP 1)
Middle distance final (MAP 2)
Silver-Jarkko and I (PHOTO)
Minna on 4th place! (PHOTO)
Best men in the flower ceremony (PHOTO)
Prize giving ceremony (PHOTO)


10:23 AM: 35' running + 15' orienteering + 5' running. 12km. Sprint qualification's
performance was as usually, not a high class but not an appalling one either. I
was 8th and lost 28s to the fastest (Matthias Müller). I made one really bad route
choice (to the 6th control) and lost 30s there. Totally I could have done 55s
better. Running wasn't really good but maybe it gets faster for the final..? Only
a perfect performance will let me to fight for the top positions.
17:48 PM: 35' running + 14' orienteering + 5' running. 11km. Sprint final
and no success for me. Speed was okay during the first kilometer and I made hardly
any mistakes. The long leg route choice wasn't perfect because I crossed the big
field (should have run on the path all the way up). My biggest mistake was to try
go through one bush on my way to the 10th control. The bush was "impassable" and
there was also fence inside it (not on the map!) and I had to come back. It cost
over 10 seconds and place among the 10 best. After that the best fighting spirit
was gone but I still tried to run with satisfying tempo. Result wasn't satisfying.
 Sprint Qualification 15' (HR)
Sprint Qualification (MAP)
Sprint Final 14' (HR)
Sprint Final 14' (MAP)


11:11 AM: 68' orienteering. 8km. As easy as possible. 
 Orienteering 68' (HR)
Orienteering in Lystrup Skov (MAP)


8:37 AM: 13' running. 2,5km.
12:04 PM: 20' running + 93' orienteering. 19km. Big problems with inner thigh
muscles, couldn't run downhills properly. Fighting spirit was gone already on 3th
control. HR avg was only 178 and I wasn't really tired in the finish. So it turned
to be a long distance training for me though I was planned to be among the 6 best.
One advice: do not play football during a hard championship week. At least use
proper shoes and do it on rest day (check out my tuesday). I made also lots of mistakes
when it came reality that I'm not going to do "well enough". See the maps - this was
maybe the best terrain.
 Long distance final (MAP 1)
Long distance final (MAP 2)


8:20 AM: 13' running. 2,5km.
13:00 PM: 30' running + 38' orienteering. 14,5km. We won the European Championship!
My own leg was almost perfect and Mats..you were something else.Jarkko, thank you also! 2nd
team was 4th so Finnish men were in shape today.
 Orienteering 38' (HR)
Relay starts (VIDEO)


18:00 PM: 60' running + 30' running + 30' cycling. 5km.


11:21h, 102,5km.