28/2004 European Orienteering Championships


10:04 AM: 23' running. 4km. First morning run in new surroundings.
It's difficult to find flat routes in here.
17:35 PM: 20' running + 100' football + 24' running. 20km. Very tired
at the end.
 Running + football + running 144' (HR)


10:58 AM: 16' running. 3km.
18:06 PM: 64' running. 10km.


13:24 PM: 50' running. 11km. 4 x 1km (times in HR-file).
 Intervals 50' (HR)


Travelling to Otaniemi (staying at my sister Mervi).
18:16 PM: 38' running. 8km. With Pipo in Otaniemi.
 Running 38' (HR)


Travelling to Denmark.
15:01 PM: 29' orienteering. 5km.

-European Orienteering Championships, official pages-
 Model event 28' (HR)


7:20 AM: 11' running. 2km.
10:28 AM: 25' running + 62' orienteering + 10' running. 18,5km. Steady performance!
Some small mistakes but nothing big and that helped me to the 2nd place of my heat,
1.10min behind the perfect Thierry G. Running felt little bit tough at the end but
it surely will get better during the championships.
 Orienteering 62' (HR)
Long Qualification (MAP 1)
Long Qualification (MAP 2)


7:36 AM: 15' running. 3km.
10:54 AM: 25' running + 27' orienteering + 5' running. 12km. My speciality: middle
distance, ahhh. Orienteering was perfect from 1st control to 10th control. 10th
control was a little depression on quite demanding area, first really difficult
one. I was just checking my position on the map (to be 100% sure) when co-runner
asked for a code. I had a short thinking session (one or two seconds only); should
I say? I said. Second after that map was again in front of me and I started to
plan the control-taking again. At that moment I was just 15m to the right from the
control. Maybe five seconds totally out of the intense orienteering-work and the
game was "over". There was a white area just south from the control (which was,
of course, almost yellow) and there I tried to find myself back on the map. It
was quite easy to realize that I was too far but exact location was hard to do
because I wasn't very familiar with the map. Then I saw bigger trees and that
area was easy to locate on the map also (east of the control).
Next control was also quite difficult but I somehow could come down and took it
easily. After that control I got stuck in the bush. It's easy to say that the
rhythm was gone after that big miss. (Basics of making mistakes in orienteering,
chapter 1069)
16:07 PM: 17' running. 3,5km. + massage.
 Middle qualification 26' (HR)
Middle qualification (MAP 1)
Middle qualification (MAP 2)


9:20h, 100km.