25/2004 JUKOLA


13:36 PM: 40' walking + 79' running. 16km. We tried to take it as easily
as possible. I think we reached the goal though the last kilometres were quite
fast. Well recovered after yesterday's race!
 Walking/running 119' (HR)


8:02 AM: 28' running + 10' circuit. 6km.
13:06 PM: 59' orienteering in Honkaranta. No mistakes, nice terrain but hardly
any details drawn on the map. 8km.
 Morning run 28' (HR)
Orienteering 59' (HR)
Part of the Honkaranta-training (MAP)


7:30 AM: 22' running. 4,5km.
14:24 PM: 53' running. 8,5km. Some downhill-spurts (see the photos).
 Running 22' (HR)
Running 53' (HR)
Ass down (PHOTO)
Jukola-terrain in Vihanti (PHOTO)


7:01 AM: 25' running. 5km.
Travelling from Vihanti to Tammela (7h).
18:34 PM: 25' running + 22' orienteering + 10' running. 11,5km. I ran a long warm-up
(long trip today and short race). Feeling was again "best ever" before the
start. Maybe little bit nervous. First two controls were quite easy and I
couldn't have ran those more than 5s faster. Then we entered the tricky part
of the course; bushy and detailed terrain with many controls. I made several
mistakes there and lost about 80s (90s whole race). The fast last controls were quite easy
and I managed to take the win by 3 seconds. And this time I got the NOKIA
Forssa Games:Split-times

 Morning run 25' (HR)
Orienteering 22' (HR)
Forssa Games 2004 (MAP)


8:58 AM: 20' running. 4km.
Visiting Jukola competition centre. It's going to be spectacular!
13:14 PM: 3' running + 30' orienteering + 3' running. 7km. Model event
was very easy. If you will run it, don't take it seriosly. Because it won't
be that easy in Jukola.
18:30 PM: 45' games. 3km. Football and volleyball for 1½h, partly alone.
 Morning run 20' (HR)
Orienteering 30' (HR)
Model event (MAP)


8:31 AM: 23' running. 5km.
12:00 AM: 60' games. 4,5km. Football and volleyball for 1h45min.


4:40 AM: 40' running + 77' orienteering. 23km. Perfect job until 13th control.
Complete catastrophe after that. Cramps, tiredness and mistakes. The HR curve
shows well that everything wasn't in condition.
 Jukola 77' (HR)


11:14h, 106km.