24/2004 Taking it easy before the EOC-qualifications


17:48 PM: 80' running/football. 7km.


9:31 AM: 25' running in Haukanniemi. 5km.
12:59 PM: 40' roller-skating.
16:58 PM: 47' running with Mika and Antti. Quite easy. 10km.
 Morning run 26' (HR)
Running 47' (HR)


8:33 AM: 13' running. 2,5km.
10:59 AM: 75' running. 15,5km. Intervals on good path with Mika O and Minna.
3 x 1000m (3.10, 3.09, 2.54) and 3 x 800m (2.32, 2.23, 2.16). Light stride!
16:33 PM: 109' football. 10,5km. Warm-up + game against RAIVO. We won 10-7
and it was nice to play a little bit harder than usual.
 Intervals 32' (HR)
Interval loop (MAP)
Football-match 85' (HR)


17:44 PM: 45' orienteering + 5' running. 8,5km. in Ilvesvuori. It was my 6th time
in this terrain so mistakes are becoming impossible to make. I ran the 7km
course in 45' which is very good when running "as easy as possible".
Mistakeless performance makes your time good if you are in a great condition.
These kind of o-sessions build up right kind of self-confidence (running
"slowly", just you, map and the forest + passion to make a perfect performance.
Damn, I love this sport!).
21:10 PM: 30' tennis. Very light efforts only, but playing 75' total.
 Orienteering 45'
Ilvesvuori (MAP)


9:43 AM: 20' running. 4km.
17:16 PM: 34' running. 6,5km. Maybe the best feeling ever...
 Running 34' (HR)


8:49 AM: 13' running. 2,5km.
13:05 PM: 30' running + 45' orienteering + 5' warming-up. 13km. Finnish EOC-qual.
competition in middle distance. Yesterday I had the best running feeling ever
and it was easy to assume that I'm going to start too fast. This time I didn't
want to take it safely. I just tried to make a big run and orienteering was
little bit "behind" all the time in the beginning of the competition. So little
mistakes on the 1st and 2nd controls, then unefficient "come down -decision"
and only one leg without mistake. On 4th, 5th and 6th control I made over a
minute extra. The came the long leg to the 7th and my orienteering finally
started to work. The rest of the race was very pleasant terrain with demanding
challenges. In other words; difficult orienteering. No mistakes in the end and
I won!! Coming tomorrow: Better orienteering.
21:15 PM: 17' running. 3,5km.
 Orienteering 29' (HR)
Middle (MAP 1)
Middle (MAP 2)
Pleased or not pleased? (PHOTO)


8:33 AM: 10' running. 2km. Nice sunshine (at last)!
12:28 PM: 15' running + 94' orienteering + 5' warming-up. 21km. The long qual. race
was Jonne's property. I ran quite well (maybe 3min mistakes or bad route
choices) and was 2nd I didn't catch any runners during my performance so it
was difficult to keep up the top speed alone. But in the EOC/WOC it must be
done - also alone. See the short analysis on the HR file. Map pieces also
20:35 PM: 12' running. 2,5km.
 Orienteering 94' (HR)
Licking the purple line (MAP 1)
The long (MAP 2)
Basic s... (MAP 3)
Best part for me (MAP 4)
Here you are Jonne, take the communicator (MAP 5)
Happy end (MAP 6)
Old-fashioned competition centre (PHOTO)


12:34h, 115km.