23/2004 Training in Denmark


Sick. I slept for 13h and it worked. Feeling is already better and I had no fever anymore.
So I decided to do some "training".
16:21 PM: 80' walking-/jogging-o + 40' playing with ball.  10km.
 Still easy to cross? (PHOTO)
I couldn't say this is easy terrain (PHOTO
Some sweet is still left (PHOTO)


9:40 AM: 28' running + 40' middle-o + 22' running. 17km. Do not underestimate
danish forests in the middle of the summer! And it's getting tougher all the
time. I made a quite good run in this training, but some small mistakes were
unaccebtable. Fastest time still. There would be sprint-competition in the evening
but I'll try to concentrate on the more important things.

17:50 PM: 30' running + 15' orienteering + 15' running. 12km
So I couldn't resist the Valby Park and it's fast grass surface...Race was one
of the Copenhagen City Cup events and surely not the one with the poorest startlist.
Stevenson, Jörgensen, Bloch and the whole Finnish squad were there. My race
went fine but I did the usual small mistakes in route choices (totally 40s)
and lost 12s to the winner Bloch. It was a very good sprint training; these
kind of trainings I'll need if I'm going to develop myself as a sprinter.
Tomorrow: an easy day with some sightseeing in Roskilde.
 Orienteering 40' (HR)
Store Dyrehave 40' (MAP 1)
Store Dyrehave 40' (MAP 2)
Store Dyrehave 40' (MAP 3)
Park-O 15' (HR)
Valby Park (MAP)
Small but nice event (PHOTO)
Speculation never dies (PHOTO)


AM/PM 10-14: Visiting Roskilde, the hometown of the European Championships 2004.

16:29 PM: 25' running + 55' football. 9,5km. Quite easy. Massage in the evening.
 Do you know these fellows? (PHOTO)
Minna and the long bay (PHOTO)


7:09 AM: 38' running. 7,5km. Easy!
9:48 AM: 10' football + 15' running + 63' orienteering + 5' running + 10' football.
15,5km. Long easy o-training with some unusual warm-ups.
Moving into a new accomodation (Fredensborg Vandrerhjem).
16:39 PM: 12' running + 53' orienteering + 6' running. 12,5km. Basic o-training.
 Morning run 38' (HR)
Orienteering 63' (HR)
SC relay backwards in the morning (MAP)
In the yard of the vandrerhjem (PHOTO)
Evening training (MAP)
Running/Orienteering 71' (HR)


7:56 AM: 12' running. 2,5km.
10:02 AM: 75' orienteering in Rude skov. 90% on paths, very easy stuff (the same terrain
as in Spring Cup this year. 12km.
15:59 PM: 38' running + 60' football + 7' running. 12,5km.
 Orienteering 75' (HR)
Running/Football 105' (HR)


7:33 AM: 15' running. 3km. Very good feeling.
9:48 AM: 27' running + 48' interval-o + 8' running. 16km. Terrain was bushy and
map didn't match with the forest. I ran quite well, but when I started to the
2nd interval I wasn't careful enough and left from the path 50m too early...But
good tempo-changing (not always with the same speed) and reality-training (you
have to be able to concentrate on orienteering after the short rest sessions
again and again). Maybe I'm already little bit tired of so much orienteering
during this week. No HR-curve because I forgot the equipment. But HR average
during the intervals was about 175-180. So, not too tough.

15:53 PM: 25' running + 26' orienteering/16' running + 12' running. 16km
Sprint-training in Hilleröd. I made some stupid mistakes again in the city but
those didn't cost as much as one route-choice in the park. I had just planned
the starting direction but not the whole leg...I lost about 30-40 and what counts;
felt really stupid. But it was a tough and useful training.
 Interval-O (MAP)
3 x sprint 26' (HR)
Fredensborg (PHOTO)


7:44 AM: 22' running. 4,5km. Little bit tired.
9:48 AM: 10' running + 46' one-man's-relay + 10' running. 13,5km. I tried
to have a higher HR avg. than 175 but because of yesterday's tough trainings
it was impossible. Maybe this steady-speed o-training was a good ending for this
"perfect training-camp". Now I know that for at least on that speed I won't make
any mistakes. Now we'll rest for a while...
 Morning run 22' (HR)
Last three loops 35' (HR)
Changing map (PHOTO)


16:56h, 164km.