22/2004 JUKOLA training-camp


17:42 PM: 25' running with Jonne + 80' football. 10km.


14:00 PM: 40' running. 8km.


9:30 AM: 80' running/orienteering in Muuratharju. I held a training for friends
and ran about 25' fast. 10km.
18:20 PM: 4' running + 67' orienteering in Kirkkojärvi + 8' running. It was a
chasing-start training (idea: men into forest in 30s intervals, 5 x ~1-2km,
waiting for others on the last control of each interval for 3-5min.) One
total blackout; took 2'. But mainly it was good orienteering. 10km.


8:35 AM: 10' running. 2km.
11:14 AM: 67' pair-orienteering with Timppa in Nisunperä. Very nice forest.
Too bad this kind of demanding terrain will not be seen in Jukola 2004. 9km.
18:39 PM: 45' football + 5' running. 5km.
 Nisunpera (MAP 1)
Nisunpera (MAP 2)
Freaks in forest (PHOTO)


8:59 AM: 19' running. 3,5km.
11:49 AM: 16' running + 45' relay-training + 6' running. 12km.
Tough 4 x 1,5-2km interval-o training with Pohjantähti-runners. First 1,7km
i ran 3.45min/km so it's going to be really fast in Jukola. The marshy part
of the training (like in Jukola) took about 4.50-5.30min/km so it's not too
slow either...Total: 6985m, 31.49,4. 4.33min/km. Heikki lost about 1'20" so
he's in shape too!
 Koirikuono (MAP 1)
Koirikuono (MAP 2)
Koirikuono (MAP 3)
Koirikuono (MAP 4)
Relay-O 32'/45' (HR)


12:10 PM: 5' running + 70' football + 5' running. Good feeling! 7km.


12:10 PM: 33' running + 10' sprint-o + 12' running. 11km. Sick feeling already in
qualification so I decided to cancel the final for many reasons, health being
the most important.
 Sprint-O 10' (HR)


10:47h, 88km. Recovering from the long distance has been quite good
despite the tough trainings on Wed-Fri. Maybe this isn't the best way to
prepare for sprint but I just don't have the enthuasism to take it THAT
easy. Training well (->for other events) is much more fun! And maybe more
important. Next week we'll travel to Denmark for a EOC training-camp.