21/2004 Big efforts


09:57 AM: 21' running in Vääksy. Very light stride! 4,5km.
12:49 PM: 120' running in Evo. Running in wild nature, surrounded
by real finnish forest.
We focused on easy running speed, enjoyed totally of the nature and spoke
about orienteering, sports and life. That's what we always do during
a long run. 22km.
19:34 PM: 32' football. Running with ball mainly. 3,5km.
 Morning run 21'  (HR)
Running loong 120' (HR)
Football 32' (HR)


Very lousy weather. + 6C and rainy. So no morning run.
14:40 PM: 11' running + 80' orienteering in Riihijärvi (WC 2000 & FIN 5 -terrain).
We chose the western part of the terrain and it was bushy and tough to run
in every way. The better map piece (MAP 2) was of course great! 11km. 
20:12 PM: 31' running. Good feeling! 6,5km.
 Riihijarvi (MAP 1)
Riihijarvi (MAP 2)
Orienteering 80' (HR)
Running 31' (HR)


BAD weather. + 3C and rainy. So no morning run at 8 o'clock.
09:42 AM: 31' running. A bit tired. Weather turned into sunny and warm in 30min! 6km.
13:38 PM: 21' running + 76' orienteering (running 60%). I did memory-o
because the terrain (Aurinkovuori) is nowadays quite familiar to me. 14km.
 Running 31' (HR)
Running & orienteering 97' (HR)
Aurinkovuori (MAP)


07:45 AM: 10' running in Vääksy. 2km.
12:20 PM: 20' running + 28' orienteering + 5' running in Prismarastit. 8,5km.
I won the race by 1.21min and felt good. The orienteering routines had vanished
after two weeks without hectic competition-orienteering. Still, I didn't make any
crucial mistakes and only one "bigger" which cost 50 sec. Running was easy,
especially the downhill running was better than ever (?). You can see my performance
(and let's hope the others draw their routes in aswell!) on this page.
The split-time analyses can be found here.
18:50 PM: 8' running + 38' football + 7' running. 6km.
 Orienteering 28' (HR)
Running/Football 53' (HR)
Äijäsmäki (MAP)


13:07 PM: 18' running + 46' orienteering in Syrjäntaus (Aurinkovuori, Vääksy).
Easy and fully recovered feeling. 8,5km.
 Running/orienteering 64' (HR)


FC in Ultra Long Distance.
07:05 AM: 10' running in Vääksy. 2km.
11:20 PM: 25' running + 143' orienteering in Ruokolahti + 20' wandering. 31,5km.
I had to break the race because of exhaustion. I didn't have any energy
left and one 20m hill was TOO MUCH... See the analyses on HR curves below.
Don't laugh, it wasn't funny. Now it is - heheheh! The terrain and course
were just PERFECT and the best won. Congratulations Manu - you were the king!
 FC Ultra 143' (HR 1)
FC Ultra 143'-164' (HR 2)


18:50 PM: 95' football. Only perfect goals were allowed.


15:00h, 134km.