20/2004 FC in cross-country running


16:50 PM: 33' roller skating in Jyväskylä + trying to play football.


10:25 AM: 21' running in Haukanniemi. I had the BEST RUNNING FEELING ever. 4km.
14:00 PM: 29' running in Jyväskylä. 6,5km.
16:18 PM: 42' running in Laajavuori with Antti and Salla. Spurts. 8km.
 Running 42' (HR)


15:40 PM: 30' running in Kortepohja + 63' cycling. 6km.
19:40 PM: 28' cycling to Hutunki + 75' floorball. 6km.
Can you imagine anything more stupid training than this??? Where is the inner motivation to do training that has a
clear goal - to be in a top form on sunday!?? Well, what is done is done. But I
have promised to myself to do everything well before that cross-country race
so I must train properly during the last three days.


12:53 PM: 31' running in Laajavuori. Very tired feeling because of yesterday.
I had planned to run slowly for 2h or even more. How stupid. 5km.
17:20 PM: 20' football. Very easy. 2km.
 Tired running 31' (HR)


13:12 PM: 48' running including 14' accelerating speed (HR 190 at the end).
Feeling was still little bit tired and my muscles felt sore because of
that floorball-event on wednesday. 10km.
 Running 48' (HR)


12:36 PM: 39' running with Minna in Vääksy. Some spurts and much easy running.
Feeling was already better and resting HR just before the training under 45. 7,5km.


Resting HR under 45, little bit tired (~8h sleep).
10:04 AM: 12' running in Vääksy. Easy feeling! 2km.
15:25 PM: 45' running + 12'58'' running (4km) + 25' running in Porvoo.
Actually it was close to 4,3km because the 2km route was about 150m too long. So
my running speed was about 3min/km in cross-country running! Training affects...


I have to admit I made some mistakes in my training before this race...But still
I could achieve steady mood to run the hectic 4km. Feeling was quite easy all the
time and during the 2nd lap my speed was on too safe safe level. Last 400m was
difficult because runners could do a fast spurt but I just ran on the same speed.
I ended up on 27th place which was "ok" (84 participants). We ran well in the team
competition so I got a SILVER MEDAL from my first Finnish Championships, niceee.
4km in a quite short distance to run and I didn't have experience of running it
so I had much strength left in the end. Next time I'll run my brains off...15km.
 Morning run 12' (HR)
Minna (PHOTO)
Thrilling mass-start (PHOTO)
The steepest uphill (PHOTO)


9:15h, 72,3km.