18/2004 WOC -camp + FinnSpring


7:41 AM: 10' running. What a perfect stride! 2km.
10:00 AM: 14' running + 52' orienteering in Broskogen. 10,5km.
14:42 PM: 8' running + 67' orienteering. 2x line-orienteering and last 2km fast. 11km.
 Orienteering 67' (HR)
Broskogen (MAP 1)
Broskogen (MAP 2)
2nd o-training (MAP)


7:41 AM: 18' running. 3,5km.
09:35 AM: 5' running + 59' orienteering in Acktjärnarna. 2x line-o. 8,5km.
16:15 PM: 15' running + 46' orienteering in Surahammar. First 3km 4.55min/km. 11km.
 Orienteering 46' (HR)
Acktjarnarna (MAP)
Surahammar (MAP 1)
Surahammar (MAP 2)


7:35 AM: 16' running. 3km.
10:25 AM: 25' running + 35' cross-country running + 5' running in Norberg. 9,7km in 34.58 (Mats 33.48).
We ran mainly on small paths and there was 125m uphill. Running felt quite easy
despite yesterday's middle-training. I didn't push myself to the limits, just did
a good "speed-training". 15,5km.
16:27 PM: 69' orienteering in Brudslöjan. Perfect terrain and weather! 9,5km.
 Running 35' (HR)
Running route (MAP)
Brudslojan (MAP)


7:32 AM: 19' running. 3,5km.
9:19 AM: 110' orienteering in Skommarbo. I just won't get tired. Orienteering
worked well, too. 16km.
 Orienteering 110' (HR)


20:15 PM: 45' running/hiking with Minna in Hindsby. 6km.


9:05 AM: 15' running. 3km.
13:20 PM: 25' running + 82' orienteering + 10' running. 20,5km.
FinnSpring in Pernaja. The terrain was tough to run and I concentrated totally
on orienteering. It worked really well until the 3rd last control point. I made
1½min mistake there. Totally I made about 2½-3min mistakes or bad route choices,
so my tactics didn't succeed. But it was a good start on classic distance in 2004.
 Orienteering 82' (HR)
Best control of the race (MAP)
End of the race (MAP)


8:01 AM: 13' running. 2,5km.
11:55 AM: 30' running + 42' orienteering + 10' running. 14,5km.
Our effort in FinnSpring -relay was good and we ended up on 3rd place.
Heikki made a big run on 2nd leg and I was fastest on last leg. Feeling was
very tired before the race but running was quite easy after long warm-up. Now
I'm going to rest little bit, because this was really demanding week.
 Orienteering 42' (HR)
Relay-terrain (MAP)


14:13h, 140,5km. A very good training-camp in Norberg, Sweden. In FinnSpring
individual race I had an idea to run a steady run with easy speed. Worked well,
almost to the finish...The relay performance was perfect, I think.