15/2004 Training-camp in Piikkiö


10:45 AM: 30' running.  6km.
14:00 PM: 30' swimming (running in water) + 30' upstairs-walking. 1,5km.


08:30 AM: 15' running.  3km.
10:55 AM: 5' running + 25' orienteering + 15' running.  7,5km.
15:32 PM: 50' football.  4km.
21:40 PM: 10' running + 30' Night-O + 10' running.  7,5km.
Good orienteering in both trainings, especially in the night. Four sessions on same day,
hopefully short ones.


11:21 AM: 74' running with Janne Harju. Nice easy running! 14km.
16:30 PM: 39' football. Little bit too hard playing...  4km.
Feeling sick in the evening, DAMN! Always the same thing after rest-period followed
by short period of intensive training.


Sick. Organizing training-camp competitions (both day and night) for others.


Feeling better in the evening ->
21:20 PM: 15' running + 38' Night-O. Almost perfect orienteering!
Korpela (FC -relay terrain 2003) was enjoyable also in night (1min mistakes last
autumn and now only 30s).


08:25 AM: 18' running.  3km. Visiting Piikkiö's Linnavuori (ancient
18:50 PM: 35' running + 51' orienteering + 10' running. 17km.
This was the last time I run sick. HR was 5-10 higher than usual and I had to
slow speed occasionally. Orienteering was very good! But it's not easy to enjoy
when you're sick.
After the race I had to travel to Vihanti by night-train. Very bad stomach-problems
hit me and it wasn't funny at all (to go to the WC all the time).


On Sunday I became a godfather for the second time in my life. Liisa Emilia's
ceremony of babtism took place in our home in Lampinsaari. I tried to recover
from the bad stomach-illness. Could eat already...


8:50h, 75km.