13/2004 Spring Cup


17:45 PM: 90' football, warming-up + playing.


17:37 PM: 101' running with Kalle and Jomppa.
 Running 101' (HR)


8:37 AM: 20' running with Tero.
12:39 PM: 15' running. I'd planned to run a long run but because of the
old toe-injury (went bad after 3K with spike-shoes, damn) I had to cancel.
 Morning run 20' (HR)


17:35 PM: 35' circuit + 43' floorball. After training
I lectured to coaches about studying your own orienteering.


To Denmark.
16:35 PM: 52' orienteering in Stenholt Vang. Good orienteering, I 
made only one little mistake. It was tough to run in soft danish forest.
 Orienteering 52' (HR)


9:03 AM: 15' running with Minna.
11:55 AM: 35' warming-up + 61' orienteering in Spring Cup + 15' warming-up.
Running didn't feel exceptionally good before the race. I had decided to run on
steady speed and then just see how far that takes. During warm-up I heard that
it is going to be even easier than I predicted. So I made change of tactic...
I was in lead on 4th control but after that orienteering wasn't (of course)
that good. I "just ran". Big mistake on 7th control (1½ min) and I got depressed.
After that I somehow managed to orienteer little bit better almost to the end.
Little mistakes on every control in the end decreased my position on final
results board little bit and I wasn't pleased with my performance. Allthough my
earlier positions in Spring Cup have been even worse (78. and 51.). Mats's speed
was little bit too much but 2nd place would have been "available" for me.
Would and would...
 Morning run 15' (HR)
Orienteering 61' (HR)
Crucial mistake (MAP)


9:20 AM: 35' running + 55' orienteering in Spring Cup -relay + 5' running.
Back to the basics: A long warm-up and easy speed during the first controls.
I had magnifying glass with me and it helped to achieve the motivation needed
in easy danish terrains. Other thing that helped to concentrate in orienteering
better was the fact that the terrain is maybe the best near Hilleröd. Not too open
but still very good surface to run. I caught several runners during the run but
made some mistakes in the end. Also the running surface changed after spectator-
control and my muscles didn't work well on that kind of surface. Still, it was a
good performance after yesterday (6th on 2nd leg +1.10 min after fastest runner).
Now back to Finland and then travelling to Ahvenanmaa for a training-camp.
 Orienteering 55' (HR)
New method? (MAP)


9:33h, 88,5km.