12/2004 Track -trainings + last floorball-tournament


15:30 PM: 10' running. 2km.
19:00 PM: 7' circuit. Short preparation for thursday's circuit-test.


11:45 AM: 80' running. 21 x 200m. Quite stressful training towards end. 17,5km.
18:40 PM: 24' running + 29' snow-football + 4' running. 8,5km.
 Running 80' (HR)
Running/football 57' (HR)


13:44 PM: 120' running/snow-walking. Slow speed. Good for legs. 17km.
 Running/snow-walking 120' (HR)


9:45 AM: 32' running + 9' running 3000m + 10' running/warming-up + 4'
circuit-test + 12' five-jumps + 15' running. 3K was enjoyable during the
first 2,5km and that's very good! 14km.
 3000m 9.17,4 (HR)
Circuit-test 4.23,7 (HR)


10:09 AM: 85' running + 17' cycling as a warm-up. Weather was really nice
after couple of cloudy days, my muscles had recovered from yesterday's training
and running itself was fluent and fresh. Yees! 17,5km.
 Running/Cycling 102' (HR)


9:34 AM: 31' running with Minna and Timo! Maybe the best morning run ever. We
ran on small paths which were quite hard, so it was possible to run fast. Feeling
was great! 6km.
15:46 PM: 101' running with Mika O. Easy feeling but quite high HR.
Something wrong? 22km.
 Running 31' (HR)
Running 101' (HR)


09:50 AM: 10' warming-up + 45' floorball-game against SB Savo II.
we won 13-1 and I did 3+1. The game was good exercise for making nice goals.
12:45 PM: 15' warming-up + 45' floorball-game GAE (us) - Rökäletappio.
We won 4-3 and I did 1+1. A very good game - my own playing was very good and
team-mates did excellent job also! This was the best tournament ever. 14km.

Conclusion over the season:
- 12 games 18+11 (avg. 2,41 points/game). This was the first season I played
more than 10 games and that can be seen in the amount of total points.
- 0 min penalties. I'm a friendly player?
- defense-playing is still my problem. I am unsure where to stand... But it has
improved from the past. Real games help to build the playing-strategy.
- a goal-maker or a passer? Hard to say but as a competitive human being it is
sometimes hard to play as a center who should also stay down. My own playing
has always been "free" and creative - that's why I occasionally forget my
defensive duties and just go for the organising of situations and goals !

Our team:
- we have a great goalie. That helps field-players concentrate on their own
playing. Thanks Jantte!
- defensemen play safely and do not take risks. But they aren't slow either, they
try to open the play to the attackers quicker than most of our rivals' defensemen.
- attackers are more diverse but no-one lacks skill. The main goal is often to
make nice passing and beautiful goals and that sometimes leads to situation when
we do only nice passing but not goals...
- the whole playing idea has been liberal. We don't plan anything before
the game and do NOT take time-outs! The "free" idea doesn't work in every game but
it's much more fun than some boring systematic playing style.
- thanks for the season to all players. Next year in 3rd division!
More info about our division you can find on Seger's pages or on
Salpa's pages. Only in finnish, I think.


11:50h, 118,5km.