11/2004 Easy + TUSKA 2004


MASSAGE in the morning. Tired...
19:01 PM: 96' rinkball. Avg HR 165!
 Rinkball 96' (HR)




14:20 PM: 93' running. The control-test felt very good this time. I started
slower than in the first two control trainings. The second 20min period was very
good for me, though it was very slippery because of the warm spring weather. When
I was accelerating to the third "speed", I started to feel cramps in my stomach
and could run fast only for 7'. Then I ran slowly 1K and started again with hard
running. Now it took 6' to achieve another big cramps. Then, again, about ½K
and last 5' I could run on anaerobic threshold before BIG cramps. Good
training, still. When I was 16 years old, the cramps hit me every time I
tried to run or orienteer with full speed. Nowadays it happens only
occasionally. 22km.
 Control-training 93' (HR)


11:05 AM: 86' running very slowly with Antti and Kalle.15,5km.
16:48 PM: 71' skating and rinkball. Blaaahh.
 Running 86' (HR)
Easy rinkball 71' (HR)


9:42 AM: 22' running with Minna.4km.
12:29 PM: 65' running with Minna. 15 x 200m downhill (Avg 200m 34,6, the
last 27,0).12,5km.
 Running 22' (HR)
Running 65' (HR)


10:09 AM: 376' skiing/uphill-walking/running/rinkball. TUSKA 2004 -training.
6:16h pure pain...
 TUSKA 2004 376' (HR)




13:30h, 77km.