10/2004 The rest in Spain + visiting Pajulahti


7:46 AM: 22' running.4,5km.
11:01 AM: 13' running + 69' orienteering + 3' running. 12km.
Rest in the evening!
 Morning run 22' (HR)
Running and orienteering 85' (HR)


8:17 AM: 13' running.2,5km.
11:36 AM: 45' running in forest and on paths. Partly fast.8km.
20:15 PM: 32' football.3,5km.
 Morning run 13' (HR)


8:48 AM: 13' running.2,5km.
10:40 AM: 9' running + 88' orienteering + 154' running back to Los Balcones.45km.
Drinking only after orienteering...when I ran from Guarmadar to Torrevieja (on the
beach) I got covered by salt. I don't know was because of the salty air near sea
or the lack of liquid in my body.
 Ultra-training 251' (HR)


The trip back to Jyväskylä was exhausting. 19.25-00.50 from Alicante to Helsinki.
02.00-5.45 by bus to Jyväskylä. And at 06.50 I fell asleep in my own bed.
And wake-up occurred somehow at 11.00.
16:53 PM: 94' rinkball.
 Rinkball 94' (HR)


14:03 AM: 5' running + 31' running, the treadmill test. I couldn't run
it to the end. My body hadn't recovered enough (I especially could feel
the travelling-stress). So I ended the test on anaerobic threshold, so that
my body wouldn't "go over".
Rest in the evening as well.
 Tired treadmill-running 31' (HR)


12:00 AM: 45' miscellaneous-training. Gladiator-war/playing with football/indoor-O.
17:20 PM: 60' floorball in Nastopoli. Easy game with long periods sitting on the bench,
we played about 6 x 10min.


10:41 AM: 67' running in Pajulahti. Nice weather and good training-buddies.
17:36 PM: 23' running + 65' rinkball + 3' running.
 Running 67' (HR)
Running and rinkball 91' (HR)


14:25h, 113,5km. That was stupid to even try the treadmill-test, but
what could I do when I had promiset to run. Still a very good week with one
ultra-training (45km).