07/2004 Week number 7


13:16 PM: 25' running in Haukanniemi + massage.
18:50 PM: 105' rinkball , cold weather!
 Running 25' (HR)
Rinkball 105' (HR)


10:09 AM: 58' running. Intervals in Hipposhalli (indoors). 11' warming-up +
10 x 200m (avg.38sec) /200m "rest" avg. 49s + 3' jogging + 10 x 200m (avg.38sec)
/200m "rest" avg 49s. Kurko Harju happened to be testing one of his runners
in Hipposhalli so he measured the lactate. It was 4,6mmol/l and that is okay because
there weren't much resting periods in the training.
12:00 PM 100' cycling straight after lunch (!). Helped my muscles to recover.
 Running 58' (HR)


19:11 PM 40' running in Vaajakoski +  60' floorball, very bad playing...


10:15 AM: 64' running + 34' cycling. Around Tuomiojärvi. Total coma.
17:00 PM: 90' rinkball.


13:05 PM: 128' running with Antti. Heavy legs...but it keeps on going, still.
 Running 128' (HR)


08:15 AM: 10' running in Jyväskylä.
Travelling to Espoo.
12:59 PM: 75' running on snowy paths in Espoon Keskuspuisto. Exhausted legs
but low heart rate. First time in two months running feels bad. Ordinary but I'll
take it easy for a while now.
 Running with Harppa 75' (HR)


08:47 AM: 15' running in Otaniemi. Easier feeling and very low HR (45 when
stretching before running and below 120 when running about 4.45min/km).
Travelling to Tampere and later to Jyväskylä. No reason to train more.


13:26h, 88km.