06/2004 Back in the business


13:15 PM: 30' running before massage (whole body).
18:45 PM: 15' running with Timo. Not too slow speed.
19:00 PM: 129' rinkball. Tough games (78' over AerT)!
 Rinkball 129' (HR)


10:16 AM: 65' running with Kalle and Antti. Around Tuomiojärvi. Tired.
17:43 PM: 37' running with Tero. Tired.
 Running 65' (HR)
Running 37' (HR)


10:16 AM: 84' running intervals with Timo. Still tired -> rest.
 Intervals and basic running 84' (HR)


10:10 AM: 65' running around Tuomiojärvi. Better feeling.
16:49 PM: 102' rinkball. We didn't have goals (were lend to some stupid
student-event, grr.) But it was fun to play in any case.
 Rinkball 102' (HR)


Control-training. I'll try to run easily. Easily my a.., when shall that day come?
So 12:11 PM: 91' running the control-training. Check out the week 48/03, there's
the latest control-training ran on the same route. Basic idea is to speed up after
every 20'. I had exactly the same heart rate average on every 20'-period than
during the first test: 165, 173 and 180. Also on the last brutal period (on
first time 6', today 14') I had the same avg. HR 185! It can be said that pace-
making has worked well. Today I was 2min 15s faster when reaching the point I quit
on the first time (and today I continued for 11' after that point with even higher
speed.) It's good development.
Travelling to Anttolanhovi!
20:01 PM:  5' running +  5' cycling + 20' circuit. Tired, but still wise to do.
Enjoying Anttolanhovi's services for the weekend, ahh!
 Control-training 91' (HR)


09:40 AM: 190' hiking/snowshoe-orienteering/running with Minttu. It wasn't
perfect snowshoeing-weather because the snow was ice-covered.
17:42 PM: 44' skiing with Minna. Nice!
 Snowshoe-orienteering 190' (HR)
Skiing 44' (HR)
The view from our bungalow (PHOTO)


11:01 AM: 84' skiing + 10' running. Basic stuff. Spring is coming, sun SHINES!
18:33 PM: 61' running with Tero and Heikki. I did have the energy but I didn't "feel"
my legs too well. Still, I claim that this was a very good week.
 Skiing and running 94' (HR)
Running 61' (HR)


17:26h, 118km. Pretty tough week because of the training amount & intensity.