03/2004 Easier week


19:00 PM: 82' rinkball.


15:00 PM: 32' rinkball.


19:03 PM:45' running. Ascending speed because of Tero's eager legs.
 Running 45' (HR)


09:10 AM: 18' running in Haukanniemi. On fine hard-surface snow-paths.
16:20 PM: 26' running + 109' rinkball.
 Rinkball 109' (HR)


18:00 PM: 66' orienteering in Virpiniemi. When there's 10-30cm snow and night
it's not always easy to see rocks (less than 70cm in height). And we had a map
containing only contours, marshes and rocks. We used the same map on sunday.
 Night-O 66' (HR)


10:45 AM: 15' running + 35' test-running + 16' running. I had plenty of
time waiting for my turn to run. Maybe due to that I was little bit nervous when
running my first easy km's (HR was quite high when running only at 5min/km pace.)
After I had exceeded my aerobic threshold speed (4.05min/km) I felt it was easier
to run. 5th & 6th kilometres (3.33 and 3.12) were easy. Somewhere between those
speeds' is my anaerobic threshold (tester's careful estimate 3.30min/km). The maximum
speed was quite good, 2.53min/km. I think I ran too carefully the first 500m but on the
other hand; then I could make the last 200m faster. 2.48min/km would have been possible,
after those 6 precending km's.
17:19 PM: 84' running to Jatuli. I didn't choose the shortest route...It wasn't
as big mistake as in Spain but totally some 45' extra. Without map, of course.
18:50 PM: 15' orienteering indoors. Nice training!
19:20 PM: 45' ball-game activities.
 Running the test (VIDEO)
Measuring thresholds 35' (HR)
Running to Jatuli 84' (HR)
Indoor-O 15' (HR)


10:08 AM: 111' orienteering & running in snow.
18:07 PM: 54' floorball in Hutunki. High tempo.
 Orienteering & running 111' (HR)
High tempo floorball 54' (HR)


12:34h, 88km. "Maybe too tough." statement on 23.1.2004 when I'm sick...