02/2004 2nd week in Spain


08:10 AM: 17’ morning-run.
11:30 AM: 15’ running + 27’ orienteering + 5’ running. This training in Pozuelo
was my “middle final”. I tried to run very fast already at the start and it
felt good! I think I could have done it only about 30s better without mistakes.
Last year’s best time was Markus Lindeqvist’s 29.20 so my time 27.05 (despite
the fact that we didn’t have any punching system this time) was really good.
The reason for the low HR average (181, normally about 185 in races and hard
trainings) was maybe the big amount of training since 15.12. During this week
I may have to face the ruthless reality when trying to do over 20h and about
200km when my body just won’t recover. Let’s hope for the best.
After the training we spend time on a fuel station enjoying the warm sun and
the great views towards Sierra Nevada. We almost could see Muhlegg doing his
interval-training on icy mountains. The weather has been very good for us though
it’s only the start of January. Sunshine on every day and about + 20 C!
14:08 PM: 110’ orienteering. The beautiful terrain of Las Mimbres was in
my thoughts whole December and it was gorgeous again. We had SK Pohjantähti’s
training-camp in Malaga in 2000 and Las Mimbres was our favourite then. This
time the battle of the training-camp's best terrain is going to be tighter
because there are rumours that El Chorro –terrains could beat Las Mimbres? We’ll
see soon.
00:00 AM/PM: 25’ running. Phenomenon “running taxi” could be close to
 Morning run 17' (HR)
Middle-O 27' (HR)
Orienteering 110' (HR)
A view over El Pozuelo (PHOTO)
Sierra Nevada from El Pozuelo-point of view (PHOTO)
Relaus (PHOTO)


12:04 PM: 253’ hiking/running on the coastal mountains. We drove Coma to the
airport and back to the slightly colder Finland and head out to the mountains
with JM and Minna. Good training with great views over the Mediterranean and the
coastal towns (Costa del Sol). See the pics!
 Hiking 253' (Altitude curve)
Juhis and Minna (PHOTO)
Minna & Pais (PHOTO)
The city of Malaga (PHOTO)


08:29 AM: 20’ morning-run alone. First I had to warm-up my tired ankles in an
uphill. Then it was easy again. Heart rate has been very “co-operative” on
every morning so maybe I’m not doing too much?
11:03 AM: 50’ running/orienteering. I wanted to do my coaching duties on this
only-my-own-athlete-ass-camp also. I ran after Minna and JM for couple of legs when
they did their sprint training. Fine video-clips and useful too.
14:17 PM: 10’ running + 30’ interval-orienteering + 11’ running.Day’s
important training was to run middle-distance in El Chorro. I chose the
interval -style to include some variety in my training methods. Thierry did
this course only in 23min so that must have been both physically and technically
a really good performance. El Chorro seems to be a very nice place and almost better
than Las Mimbres?
17:27 PM: 49’ football + running on beach. Hard to do fast moves on sandy
surface but fun to play. Good for the legs.
 Morning run 20' (HR)
Running/Orienteering 50' (HR)
Interval-O 52' (HR)
Football 49' (HR)
Minna in Super Sprint (PHOTO)
Pasi in interval-training (PHOTO)


08:15 AM: 20’ morning-run with Minna.
11:04 AM: 100’ orienteering in El Chorro. I forgot my shoes back in the
hotel so I couldn’t do my “classic qualification” training. It was better this
way because I’m feeling quite tired at the moment. I had to run with my sandals!
They weren’t bad at all, except when running beside hills...
17:38 PM: 95’ running in Benalmadena/Torremolinos. Running on roads mainly,
legs are starting to feel a little bit slow.
 Morning run 20' (HR)
Orienteering 100' (HR)
Running 95' (HR)


08:22 AM: 20’ morning-run. Back was in a bad condition. Maybe this warming-up
11:13 AM: 96’ running in Pozuelo/Las Mimbres –region. Nice roads up there, except
the part where we ran along a motorway. After the training I managed to brake
my fake tooth! I tried to get my running glows off with the help of my teeth
and then the other half of the front-teeth fell off...Now my teeth look even more
uglier, grrr ;(.
16:00 PM: 27’ running + 12’ orienteering + 14’ running. In the afternoon
we had the day’s speed training; downhill sprint in La Zubia. I tried to run
with full speed despite the 24km I had ran during day. Training was very funny
though the map’s outlook was from the 80’s, no offense...There were no mistakes
on the map and I did the 2,94km course in 11.35 (3.56min/km). To the first control
I ran in 26s (2.38min/km)...There was 165m downhill and 35m uphill. This was cool!
 Morning run 20' (HR)
Running 96' (HR)
Orienteering + warm-ups 53' (HR)
La Zubia (VIDEO!)


10:33 AM: 100’ mountain-run with JM. Tougher section in the middle part of the
training (running to/on the top of the coastal mountains).
16:00 PM: 29’ running + 13’ orienteering + 20’ running. 2nd training
was a sprint organized by Junnu in El Morlaco (a small park in East-Malaga). It was
quite tough because of the steepness of the terrain. I had surprisingly good
running feeling but I made couple of small mistakes and lost 7s to Tero Föhr
(my flatmate). Still I couldn’t beat him on the ground of Spain while JM couldn’t
win me for the first time, YET.
 Running 100' (HR)
Orienteering/Running 62' (HR)
S-P hunting (PHOTO)
Pasi in El Morlaco (VIDEO!)


10:27 AM: 325’ running with Minna. Totally insane training which, of course,
shouldn’t have been this long. We planned to run this route: Benalmadena –
Fuengirola – Mijas – Pico de Mijas – “Mast mountain” – Benalmadena. The first
part to Fuengirola was easy and we ran approx. 4.45min/km. Then I had difficulties
to remember the way up to the Mijas but finally it was easy, encouraged by the
oncoming finnish tourists. We faced about 50 people on our way to Mijas, two of
them were non-finnish. I was delighted when the “old beloved green fuel-station”
was still in Mijas and we could re-fuel (2 litres cola). Then we had to climb the
steep part up to the Pico de Mijas (almost to the top) and running sections were
short during the following 50min. The terrain was very barren because of the big
forest-fire couple of years ago and the stony ground itself. After that I had a
feeling we should go “behind the mountains” and try to find a road which goes a
long time on the same level beside the mountain. We found it and I thought it’s a
good idea to run further even if it starts to descend more steeply. “There will be
some path up from the road sooner or later” I said. After a couple of kilometres and
about 150m downhill Minna started to hesitate but I could still assure her that
there will be a road or path up. “Trust me. I’ve been here before”, I said. The
road continued descending and I was sure that soon Minna will turn back. After the
third short conversation I somehow could get her with me still to run even further...
Finally the stubborn Pasi was also ready to ask for an advice from local-MTB’ers.
They laughed and said “just run back for a long, long time”. The 350m extra-climbing
I had achieved didn’t make Minna very glad and finally I started to feel stupid...
Before “the mast mountain” we got another sharp idea; we should run back to
Benalmadena via Mijas, on asphalt road...My left ankle is still trying to
cancel that thing to happen. The last 10-15km were pure pain because of the sore
feet. Tiredness wasn’t that big problem this time. Never before I have been that
glad to end my training. Now I surely have tested my running capacity’s borders,
when measured by kilometres. I recommend not to try this at home.
 Massive 525' (HR)


24:55h, 235km. 8650m uphill.