01/2004 First week in Spain


11:41 AM: 21’ running + 35’ drills + strength + 19’ running back to Minna’s home.


08:56 AM: 32’ morning-run in Vääksy.
Travelling to Barbate via Helsinki and Malaga. Late arrival, no training.
 Running 32' (HR)


09:30 AM: 20’ morning-run.
11:54 AM: 105’ orienteering in La Brena – Sur. Easy to orienteer but tough
to run after 10K. Soft ground makes it harder than on snowy roads of Finland.
18:35 PM: 10’ running + 35’ night-orienteering. I had just a led-light
so it was almost impossible to do well when not accompanied (S-P Fincke did!).
Night-O in Spain = a must to everyone having training-camp in Spain (Barbate,
Having fun in the evening.
 Long-O 105' (HR)
Night-O 35' (HR)
La Brena - Sur (MAP)


15:25 PM: 75’ orienteering  (Pinar de la Brena) with Minna. Very slow speed.
19:52 PM: 32’ running  with JM Morrison. A living legend when it comes to…everything!
 JM Morrison (PHOTO)


08:47 AM: 38’ morning-run with Coma, JM & Minna. On big hill and steep downhill, wooow!
10:52 AM: 15’ running + 34’ orienteering (La Brena) + 8’ running. It was
the same middle-training where Thierry G-man did 31’ about a year ago. I did it with 90-95%
speed (as a “middle qualification”). I made couple of mistakes (1½min) in the tricky end of
the course. Nice terrain.
Travelling to Sevilla.
17:08 PM: 65’ running in Sevilla. In a city park and on roads (accelerating towards end).
 Morning run 38'(HR)
Middle-O 34'(HR)
Running 65' (HR)


8:37 AM: 18’ morning-run in the park.
11:12 AM: 105’ orienteering.I did my control-training, “classic final”, this
time by orienteering. The idea was to do the first 25’ with easy speed (clearly under
AerThreshold) and then accelerating towards end. It worked well until I faced one green
area (jungle)…Still, it was a long and tough o-training with some very good running (from 57’
to 81’ especially).
Travelling to Benalmadena.
18:00 PM: 10’ warming-down + 20’ football with kids + 35’ running back
to the hotel.
 Morning run 18'(HR)
Control-training 105' (HR)


Too tired to run in the morning.
12:05 PM: 89’ running in El Guerrero –map (roads and paths).
17:55 PM: 40’ football. Easy.
 Running 89' (HR)


14:23h, 149km. Easy start in Spain so that the second week can be harder.