52/2003 Freezing spirit


12:56 PM: 20' circuit + 29' running short intervals. Very strong feeling.
17:55 PM: 90' volleyball (105' total) +
20:20 PM: 100' floorball.
 Circuit (HR)
Short intervals (HR)


13:59 PM: 64' running. Ascending speed. Good feeling, again. See the HR-file
for extra-info.
19:32 PM: 10' running + 90' floorball.
 Running (HR)


12:02 PM: 87' running. Legs feel tired. Maybe it's time to rest tomorrow.
Happy Christmas!
 Christmas tree(PHOTO)
Christmas running (HR)


14:13 PM: 75' running with Pentti (my father)! Easy speed.
 Running (HR)


8:52 AM: 205' running. Basic endurance -marathon (Lampinsaari - Pulkkila)! Easier
than I thought. (the peaks in hr-file are various drills. Altitude-curve
isn't precise.) After running travelling to Jyväskylä by bus (12.30 - 17.45).
Marathon wasn't as bad as I thought.
 Marathon (HR)


10.00-14.00 Travelling to Helsinki by train (shopping with Minna). 17.00-18.30
travelling to Vääksy with Minna. Legs feel quite good. Some stretching and massage
for recovery. Tomorrow something easy training for 2-3h maybe. On tuesday we'll
fly to Spain!


12:29 PM: 88' orienteering. 10-30cm wet snow, good for rehabilitation of legs.
 Orienteering (HR)
Salonsaari (MAP)


14:18h. 127,5km.