51/2003 Accelerating training


12:50 PM: 50' body-control by Marko Vapa. Good training!
Only two weeks to our training-camp in Spain!


09:30 AM: 84' running in Ladun maja -region. Very good running feeling. Estimated HRavg ~135.
14:30 PM: 70' skating with Antti. HRavg 140.


14:15 PM: 70' rinkball. Tired.


11:28 AM: 120' running with Minna. Running was easier than in a typical long run.
Minna ran 30km!
17:45 PM: 120' volleyball. 140' volleyball + 5' running. Quite good tempo. Legs were
slow due to small amount of volleyball sessions during autumn. But I like this
 Running (HR)


12:41 PM: 114' running alone. Lumimetsä-Lumijärvi-Alpua-Lampinsaari. Mainly in soft snow.
21.00 PM: Massage (Tapsa Sipilä) in the evening. That was really needed!
 Running (HR)


10:30 AM: 25' running + 43' test-run + 10' running. Trip Vihanti-Ii 130km (northwards),
and temperature decreased from -8C to -17C, hrrrr. Running was okay, despite the long
trainings on thursday & friday. Eagerness to run REALLY fast was still away and
that is just a good thing?
Swimming in Eden (Oulu) after training and after that, of course, the painful
christmas shopping in the overcrowded shops in Oulu = 180' maximum temper hardening.
 Test-run (HR)


12:18 PM: 148' running/hiking. Running on snowy roads 65%, rest hiking/running in forest.
Good stuff.
 Running and hiking (HR)


14:13h, 107km. 9 trainings.