49/2003 Hard week


56' rinkball. Difficult to skate but nice to play!
103' Night-O, KurkoCup 6 (near Seppälänkangas). Quite hard training with
Timo & Antti. Tough day.
 Rinkball (HR)
Night-O (HR)
Best part of the training (MAP)


32' cycling + 23' bodycontrol-training by Marko V + 60' cycling
+ doping-test.


90' Cycling-O (city-style) + 59' floorball.
 Cycling-O (HR)
Floorball (HR)


57' running + 37' cycling.
66' running with boys in the evening. Little bit tired.
 Running & cycling (HR)
Running (HR)


60' speed endurance + 20' warming-up/down. First by playing floorball with
high intensity for 30-45s with approx. 2min rest and then by running 10s spurts
with the same rest. After the training I could clearly feel the nervous exhaustion.
In these kind of trainings the fatigue is occurred because of the intensity (you
feel tired though you feel you haven't done "that much").


26' running in Oulu. Nice morning.
40' circuit.
10' running 38' Night-O + 20' running with Jukka O. I won
the race though I made almost 4min mistake to the first control. Story
(only in finnish)
 Training (HR)
Isoniemi (MAP)


Rest. Travelling back to Jyväskylä.


13:18h, 69km (80km by bike).