48/2003 Organizing Kurkocup & First Control-training


60' hiking, building up controls for the race.
Got sick in the evening, fever stroke.


I got better (sickness) already in the afternoon so I could do
45' hiking, same as yesterday. Now also running.
KurkoCup was nice to organize even though there was lots of snow. Some 100h of
work for one race..okayokay, not for one race because now there is one map more
in the world and there is a school situated in the middle of the map. So it's
sure that teachers will force some-one to use that "lousy map", hehhee.

Check out the maps & photos below. Tero Föhr (my flat-mate) was the Kurko (king) of the last Kurko-race and Laura Hokka (my other flat-mate's, Timo's girlfriend) won the women's class. I wonder they still could bypass my portable's tightened security protocols and found the race's gafflings? Haukanniemi (MAP)
Kortepohja (MAP)
One of the controls (PHOTO)
Tero Föhr in action (PHOTO)
Laura Hokka after race (PHOTO)


12' running + 66' running faster + 10' running + 5' cycling.
20' approx AerThreshold + 20' between AerT&AnAerT + 20' near AnAerT.
+ 6' over AnAerT. Tough training. Legs were quite slow in the end but I
could still easily fight through the training. This is maybe my way of developing
my classic performances. Still some 20 of these to do before WOC 2004.
 Control-training (HR)
Endurance athlete fighting his way through snow (PHOTO)


45' running with Minna.
10' cycling + 10' warming-up + 35' circuit + 45' floorball + 10' cycling.
Training amount during 2003 before the last couple of days is going to be 525h.
Deeper analysis coming up next week.
 Training 021202-26110303 (DATA)
Running (HR)


60' speed-training (warming-up + runn.tech.+ spurts + explosive strength etc.)


133' hiking with Minna, Antti & Salla in Muuratsalo. Muuratsalo is a
hilly island in Päijänne -lake. Lots of nice rocky surface and big hills (up 
to 120m). Lets hope next time it's going to be sunny weather because now it
was misty and very wet.
 Training (HR)


Reading, reading, reading..grrrr.


9:00h, 61km.